Episode Of The Person Who Used To Daily Send Thawaab To His Mother And The Sahib-E-Kashf (One Who Receives Inspiration)

Episode of the person who used to daily send thawaab to his mother and the sahib-e-kashf (one who receives inspiration)

After a woman had passed away, her son would daily visit her grave and recite the Qur’aan. Once a sahib-e-kashf had gone to her grave and the woman told him, “Inform my son that when he comes to my grave he should remain silent for a few moments before reciting the Qur’aan. I am desirous of seeing him, but whenever he comes, he immediately begins reciting the Qur’aan. Due the recitation, an extremely bright radiance emanates from his mouth blinding me and thus I am unable to see him.”


Malfoozaat of Faqeeh-ul-Ummat