A Narration Regarding The Shaving Of The Beard

A narration regarding the shaving of the beard

I once met an Egyptian aalim (who had a clean-shaven beard) in Makkah Mukarramah. (Thinking that since he is an aalim, he might have come across a narration to prove his action) I asked him, Mufti Sahib: Why do you shave your beard? Is it proven in any hadeeth? Aalim: Then must I keep a big moustache and imitate Shaitaan? Mufti Sahib: Can’t you understand? My question is that why don’t you grow a beard and imitate Rasulullah ? Why are you shaving your beard and imitating Shaitaan? He remained silent and then said, Aalim: I shave due to cleanliness and neatness. Mufti Sahib: (It appears in the hadeeth)kf  wU Dwl ‡wU* (Most definitely Allah Ta`ala is pure and He loves purity.) Further, Allah Ta`ala had granted every aspect of cleanliness and purity to Nabi . There was not a single aspect of cleanliness and hygiene unheard of in the life of Nabi , and Nabi  had a beard. Hence, shaving the beard is not an act of cleanliness. Rather, growing the beard is an act of hygiene and neatness.


Malfoozaat of Faqeeh-ul-Ummat