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Is there bad luck in anything?

It is commonly known that there is misfortune in three things, in a woman, an animal and a house. In another hadeeth it appears that if there was such a thing as misfortune then it would have been in these three things. Hadhrat Mujaddid Alf-e-Thaani has written that misfortune has been lifted from this ummah.


Q: How does `Izraeel  extract the souls of many people at one time? Q: How does `Izraeel  extract many souls in one moment?

A: It is recorded in Rooh-ul-Ma`aani that there are three methods of extracting the soul and all three are proven through the Qur’aan:

(1) Sometimes Allah Ta`ala himself extracts the souls. *اهتو مۡ*ين ح*سفۡن لافيوت يﷲ(Allah Ta`ala takes away the souls at the time of death.) [39: 42].

(2) Hadhrat `Izraeel extracts the souls. Allah Ta`ala says:  يلقٰفوت•ۡمكۡg} –وم لكلمكمك بل(Say, the appointed angel will extract your soul.) [32: 11]

(3) Other angels remove the souls. Allah Ta`ala says: * ت*نۡي} %*سفن ۤۡيم*ال ظ*ةكmnلم لٰفو(Verily the angels will pull out the souls of the wrong doers.) [4: 97


The Slap of Moosa alyhis salaam

Q: Is it true that Moosa alyhis salaam  had slapped malak-ul-maut (the angel of death) and this resulted in him losing an eye? A: It is true. This hadeeth appears in Bukhaari Shareef and his slap was no ordinary slap. It was the slap of a nabi. It was a Moosa alyhis salaam slap.