The perfect example…

 The Holy Qur’aan has clearly informed us that the perfect example of what and how to do things is the example of Nabi Sallallahu alyhi wasalaam. Says Allah Most High:

“Verily, there is a perfect example for you in (the life of) Nabi Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam.” (Qur’aan)

Why gathering for lectures on the 15th Shabaan is a Bid’ah….

A Bid’ah is an act which people consider part of Deen though it is not part of Islam. The 15th night of Shabaan existed during the noble life Nabi Sallallahu alayhi wasallam.  Despite this, Nabi Sallallahu alayhi wasallam never gathered anyone for Bayaans etc. In fact, by considering it necessary to gather for lectures etc, a person though being in the Masjid is rejected in the Divine Court of Allah Ta’aala.

Thus Nabi Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam said: “Whatever is innovated into this Deen of ours, verily, it is Mardood (accursed and rejected).” (Hadith)

“The worst of acts are innovations, and every Bid’ah (innovation) is Dhalaalah (manifest deviation).” (Hadith)


Whilst we are encouraged to treat and approach various nights, days and months with respect, honour and ‘Ibaadat, likewise are we cautioned not to indulge in Bid’ah especially during such occasions.

Why driving a car is not a Bid’ah

Since no one considers driving a car to be part of Deen, it will not be considered to be a Bid’ah.

Some of the wrongs associated with the night of the 15th Sha’baan

Special Bayaans in the Masaajid: This is a common practice which we observe. On this night, a special program (Bayaan) is given after the Esha Salaah in numerous Masaajid across South Africa. Regarding this, many reliable Fatwaa Kitaabs have refuted this and termed it a Bid’ah (innovation).

The evidence…

1) Amongst the famous Fataawa Kitaabs is one by the name of Ahsanul-Fataawa by Mufti Rashid Ahmad Ludhyanvi (Rahmatullahi alaih) who states clearly: “When special arrangements are made on the auspicious nights, where people gather at the Musaajid to either perform extra Nafl Salaat or where a lecture is given, are also acts of Bid’ah.”

2) Hazrat Mufti Shafee’ (Rahmatullahi alaih) writes in one of his Kitaabs, “This type of organizing gatherings in the Masaajid (in the form of Bayaans, Zikr, Duas etc) is also a new invention and a Bid’ah.”

3) He also writes at the end of this discussion in the same Kitaab, “In conclusion, the Masnoon A’maal of this night (Laylatul-Baraa’ah) are what were mentioned before. Besides these the rest what people have invented are Bid’aat (innovations) and Haraam and they result in the destruction and demolishment of one’s Deen and Dunya. Instead of participating in these (Masjid Gatherings) it is much more meritorious to sleep and not do anything.”

Other evidence…

Minus the above Fatwas of senior Muftis, if one looks at the Mubaarak life of Nabi Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam, his students who learnt directly from him-the Sahaabah, their students-the Taabi’een, their students-the Tab-e-Tabi’een and through the passage of time which had witnessed great Mufassireen, Muhadditheen and Fuqaha, until our Akaabireen of Deoband (including Moulana Maseehullah Khan (Rahmatullahi alaih) who passed away in 1992), we will not find any narration of anyone of them arranging a Bayaan in their Masjid on this night.

The irony…

This new trend of arranging a Bayaan on this night started recently and is an innovation in Islam since fancy posters, smart pamphlets and decorated invitation messages are placed on the Masaajid notice boards, broadcasted by Imaams and Ulama and sent as reminders on social medias, inviting Musallees to attend the Masjid for the Bayaan. Allahu-Akbar! The irony is that the Musallees are invited to attend the Bayaan which will be delivered by Moulana/Mufti so-and-so and are not invited for Salaah!

Why are the same smart, fancy and decorated posters and messages not placed on the Masjid boards and broadcasted on social media for the five times Salaah? Why does the Imaam not emphasize and stress upon the congregation to fill the empty Masaajid for a Fardh (compulsory deed) for example Fajr Salaah, like how he encourages them to attend for a Bid’ah Bayaan? 

The Salaah is ‘by-the-way’, and the Bayaan is the ‘objective…’

Thus, many Musallees will then pick and choose a Masjid which is hosting a top speaker after the Esha Salaah for a Bayaan. In this way, Musallees gather at those Masaajid which hosts famous and prominent scholars who speak in flowery language to deliver a talk after Salaah. In short, the Musallees will proceed to the Masjid on this great night whose merits and virtues we have explained in our previous article (see link below), with the intention of gratifying their Nafs by listening to so-and-so speaker and not to seek the pleasure of Allah Ta’ala by fulfilling a Fardh (compulsory) act (i.e. Esha Salaah).

Simple logic…

This innovation goes hand in hand with another common innovation practice which is that as the Bid’ah Bayaan nears the ending, some individuals prepare tables outside the entrance of the Masjid which are laden with chocolates, ice creams, fruits, coldrinks, juices and at times even kheer and falooda. So when the Bayaan is completed, as the Musallees leave the Masjid, they are served with refreshments. Why should such things be served on this particular night?  Is it not much better to go and feed the poor at some other time with all the money spent? Is it not simple logic to rather feed the poor instead of those who have generally eaten well already?

Just look how far we have strayed…

The Sahaabah were practical examples of true Taalibeen-e-Ilm (searchers and students who were thirsty of Deeni knowledge). They had the best of all the Ustaads a person could ever want-Ustaadul-Asaatizah (the Ustaad of all the Ustaads), Nabi Muhammad Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam. They had the best Imaam anyone could ever dream of having, Imaamul-Ambiyaa’ (the Imaam of all the Abiyaa’), Nabi Muhammad Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam. They were always on a lookout for anything they could learn from Nabi Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam.

Time was no obstacle to them. Family was no hindrance to them. Earning was no excuse for them. At any time they were equipped to wage Jihaad. At any time they were prepared to learn Deen. And at any time they were ready to serve Nabi Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam. Despite all of the above facts, nowhere is it recorded or mentioned that they asked Nabi Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam to deliver a Bayaan or Nabi Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam himself delivered a Bayaan to them on this night despite their desire of learning more about the ways of pleasing Allah Ta’ala.  Just look how far we have strayed from the Sunnah!

Be alone with Allah…

On this night there are few things one should keep in mind. There is only individual Ibaadat which is carried out in the privacy of one’s home. There is also much Istighfaar encouraged to be made on this night. And going to the Qabrastaan is also Masnoon.

Besides the above, one’s tongue should remain moist with the Pure Name of Allah Ta’ala. Tilaawat of the Qur’aan Majeed should also be made and plenty of Du’a should be made.

As much as possible be alone with our Allah. Insha Allah with such a Companion we will not feel lonely in life.

We ask Allah Ta’ala to forgive the entire Ummah on this night and to grant every Ummati Hidaayat and Tawfeeq to do actions which will please Allah Ta’ala. Aameen.