Q:I want to know if someone passes in front of me while I’m reading my Namaaz, does that break my Salaah?

A: If someone passes in front of you whilst you are engaged in Salaat, your Salaat does not break. However, as far as possible one should not perform Salaat at a transit place. And if the only place available is a thoroughfare then place an object of approximately a shoulder’s-length height just in front of your place of Sujood. This is called a sutrah. Passers-by can then walk freely in front of you, beyond the sutrah.

Q. A Muslim man marries a Hindu woman. The woman has not embraced Islam. They have a child from the union. What does the Shariah say in this regard?
A. No nikaah took place. He is guilty of zina. The daughter is illegitimate.

Q. What is the ruling regarding a person who joins the bid’ati salaami gathering?
A. It is not permissible to associate with the salaami gathering. The practice of standing up in this gathering believing that Rasoolullah (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) attends the gathering is shir’k and sinful.

Q. Do the muqtadis have the right to refuse to be led by an imaam who shaves or even trims his beard?
A. If the refusal to be led by such an imaam does not lead to fighting and commotion in the Masjid then the musallis can refuse. It is the incumbent duty of the Trustees of the Masjid to ensure that a faasiq does not lead the Fardh Salaat.