Qiyaamat, Sins and Thawaab

Qiyaamat, Sins and Thawaab
Mufti Hashim Boda Saheb  دَامَت بَرَکاتُہُمُ

🔸️Continuing with the brief explanation of
the Importance Sin and Thawaab.

🔸️On the day of Qiyaamah, this will be the ultimate criteria which will be used to ascertain and confirm who goes to Jannah and who goes to Jahannum.

🔸️Allah Ta’ala says in the Qur’aan Kareem
🔹️ وَمَنْ يَعْمَلْ مِثْقَالَ ذَرَّةٍ شَرًّا يَرَهُ
Whoever has done an atom’s weight of good will see the reward thereoff
🔹️ وَمَنْ يَعْمَلْ مِثْقَالَ ذَرَّةٍ شَرًّا يَرَهُ
And whoever has done an atom’s weight of evil will see the repercussions of that little, minute sin committed.

🔸️The Qur’aan Kareem speaks about the scales on the Day of Qiyaamah.

🔹️وَنَضَعُ الْمَوَزِينَ الْقِسْطَ لِيَوْمِ الْقِيَمَةِ فَلَا تُظْلَمُ نَفْسٌ شَيْئاً وَ إِن كَانَ مِثْقَالَ حَبَّةٍ مِّنْ خَرْدَلٍ أَتَيْنَا بِهَا وَكَفَى‏ بِنَا حَسِبِينَ

And We will set up a just balance on the day of resurrection, so no soul shall be dealt with unjustly in the least; and though there be the weight of a grain of mustard seed, (yet) will We bring it, and sufficient are We to take account. (21:47)

🔹️ فَأَمَّا مَنْ ثَقُلَتْ مَوَازِينُهُ فَهُوَ فِي عِيشَةٍ رَاضِيَةٍ
As for he whose scales are heavy.
He will be in a pleasant life, in comfort, luxury and ease
🔹️وَأَمَّا مَنْ خَفَّتْ مَوَازِينُهُ فَأُمُّهُ هَاوِيَةٌ
But as for he whose scales are light, less in good deed,
His home is the Abyss.(Jahannum)

🔸️Thus, of utmost importance is that we focus our time and energy upon Doing Good Deeds and Staying Away from Wrong.

🔸️Doing good deeds, Alhamdulillaah, there is an inclination towards it.
🔸️But many of us are careless with regards to staying away from wrong and evil.

🔸️There are to types of wrong and evil:
1. 🔹️You get involved in wrong unintentionally
2. 🔹️You could avoid it, you could stop yourself,  yet, due to carelessness, you indulge in it.
🔸️Let’s take a simple example:
Nabi ﷺ was walking, and suddenly he closed both his ears with his Mubaarak fingers. After walking a while in this manner, he removed his fingers from his ears. The Sahaabah رضي الله عنهم enquired from him:
“Ya Rasulullaah ﷺ, what is this that you are doing?”
Nabi ﷺ replied:
“The sound of a shepard’s flute was heard.
I closed my ears in order to block out the sound of the flute.”

🔸️Nabi ﷺ  took so much precaution just for one single instrument of music, one flute. He didn’t want to listen to it. He closed his Mubaarak ears. He walked till he reached a distance where he felt it was safe to iopen his Mubaarak ears.
🔸️So much emphasis on staying away from the sin of the sound of just one flute.
🔸️Now ask ourselves,  we watch TV, we listen to the news, before the news there’s all the musical sounds. Why don’t we switch the sound off just for a few seconds to avoid not just the sound of one musical instrument, but several instruments, so that we can save ourselves from sin.

🔸️Wallah, let it not be that on the day of Qiyaamah, that one sin, is the cause of us being condemned to Jahannum.

🔸️It can just take one sin.

🔸️On the other hand, let us not overlook
🔹️any Good Deed,
🔹️any moment when we can Remember Allah,
🔹️when we can read some Durood.
Because that one moment, that one particular Subhaanallah, could just be the Thawaab which could ultimately take a person to Jannah.

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Insha Allah, the focus of the messages is to inculcate and to develop a sustained habit to ingrain introspection on our daily deeds.