Where ‘Inspire’ and ‘self love’ have become the catch phrases , Shaytaan has INSPIRED us to gourge our NAFS, as he sits back and allows us as a society to self destruct !!! He has very cleverly used us women as his net …. and he has enticed us to love this Dunya and Abandon Aakhira

He has just planted the seed … and we are happily leading ourselves astray !

We are losing ourselves. We as women have abandoned our beautiful and most honorable role of Mum , Wife , homemaker , teacher and nurturer of our children , pillar of strength to our husbands- where we are custodians of the home and the wealth of our
Husbands, and the support and pillar of strength holding the fort while he is away earning our RIzq ! We have abandoned the status of Queen of our homes to become ‘empowered enslaved go getters, that can do any job that a man can do’ NaUthuBillah !

We have exchanged the honor that Islam has given us for a life of restless pursuit of the ‘perfect woman’ by western standards … we are too busy with life trying to satiet our Nafs , needing a ‘life coach ‘ to help us chase the lifestyle of the Kuffaar in the mantra of ‘Eat. Live.Love.’
Na Uthu Billah

We are being coaxed to ‘love ourselves , achieve our dreams , and find the ‘inner you ’

We are fighting for the right to go out to work , to attend corporate events ,
to be out at gyms and hikes with non mahram men in Shaytaans trendiest crop tops and skinny activewear
Na Uthu Billah

We are hosting social events and prey on the very need to ‘socialize’ and ‘fine dine’ or ‘high tea’ at mixed events ,
We have turned the market place into a social where we can bump heads and take selfies with the trendsetters and who’s who of the so called ‘successful Muslimah’ – who is donned in tight clothing , make up and a scarf on her head translating it into a Muslim identity!
Our beautiful and honorable HIJAB has regressed to pseudo- lHijab where women are dressed in body hugging clothing and a turban headpiece – and we call this hijab !
Na Uthu Billah

We have elevated fully made up , ‘make up artists’ , ‘personal trainers’ and ‘artisan chefs’ to the status of role models and given them the authority to teach us how to live life and get the maximum out of this life !
Na Uthu Billah

We take upon ourselves and challenge others to walk , run , cycle , eat , get involved in feeding schemes in MIXED CROWDS in the name of Islamic Events and humanitarian fundraising
Na Uthu Billah

We abandon our Hijab to attend ladies only ‘Islamic events’ , where we can arrive on the red carpet , take selfies and group pics of ‘I have arrived’ and then parade these all over social media
Na Uthu Billah

We have taken to Instagram and tik tok as our guidelines for life –
We take to Tik Tok Videos with blaring music of fully made up Muslim sisters coaching us on how to cook, bake , dress , eat ! Our fellow Muslims sisters who are themselves misled have become respected ‘influencers’ and have replaced Hollywood as the trendsetters as We continue on our relentless pursuit of chasing ghosts
Na Uthu Billah

Our Nikahs and Walimas have been transformed , well meaning fathers wish to gift their daughter with the wedding of her dreams – the head of the family relinquishes all control and our brides are throned in Nude dresses and placed on a stage for all to gawk at , ‘special moments’ are captured by non Mahram , non Muslim photographers as bride and groom pose in seductive positions for all to view on the ‘trendiest’ social media sites
Na Uthu Billah

We try to sanction these events by having a Moulana read verses of the Quraan as a prelude … only to be followed by young unmarried, seductively dressed family members or friends giving accolades of praise to the bride and groom
Na Uthu Billah

Trending is our family reunions and get togethers in the name of ‘Silah Rahma’ , where we dress up , intermingle and catch up with long lost non mahram cousins or friends while dressed in the skimpiest of clothing (even hugging and handshaking ! )
Na Uthu Billah.

Our menfolk have become white knights championing women’s rights and having no problem displaying the women that they are responsible for in skin tight clothing in public where other men, young and old can view every bit of curve and cleavage
Na Uthu Billah

Our men have lost their Gheera over their women, and instead of protecting women and honoring their wives and daughters , they are the ones proudly taking the photos and help them post it all over social media
Na Uthu Billah

Women have abandoned haya and are indoctrinating themselves with feminist ideals – and we now have the ‘Muslim feminist ‘ who after online madresah is able to give fatwas and incorrectly post Aayaat or Hadith to justify their positions !
Na Uthu Billah

We have placed science on a pedestal and expect Deen to fall under its umbrella … we thirstily seek out drs and beauticians to help reverse age with Botox and vampire facials
Na Uthu Billah

Our online Islamic teaching sites have become a breeding ground for feminism… championing women’s rights and stating incidents from Deen in the wrong context . We incorrectly cite Sahabiat and respected , honored Muslim women of the past as a justification for doing things that are outside of the Shariah
Na Uthu Billah

For any of us NOT ACTIVELY involved in such Fawahisha , we still tacitly APPROVE it by wasting hours of our time viewing all of the above on our Instagram …for which we keep fooling ourselves into thinking that we are only on Instagram because we want to find good recipes !!! Yet all the above come up on our feed – and we merrily view and follow the trends
Na Uthu Billah

the bottomline ….
And MOST IMPORTANTLY, Shaytaan has taken advantage of our foolishness by making us UNGRATEFUL !

As we yearn for this false life and hanker after a make believe world that is bad for our Nafs ….we are no longer able to make shukr for all the Ni’mahs that Allah has granted us –
What a loss ! We can and will never find happiness and contentment when we are chasing Shaytaans false illusion !

**Surah Araf , verse16,17
He said, “For leaving me to stray I will lie in ambush for them on Your Straight Path.

I will approach them from their front, their back, their right, their left, and then You will find most of them ungrateful.”

***Surah Hijr , verse 39, 40 , 41, 42
[Iblees] said, “My Lord, because You have put me in error, I will surely make [disobedience] attractive to them on earth, and I will mislead them all
Except, among them, Your chosen servants.”
[ Allah ] said, “This is a path [of return] to Me [that is] straight.
Indeed, My servants – no authority will you have over them, except those who follow you of the deviators.

**Surah Fatir, verse 6
Indeed, Satan is an enemy to you; so take him as an enemy. He only invites his party to be among the companions of the Blaze.

If we are not able to retrospect and see how Shaytaan has brainwashed us and is allowing us to lead ourselves astray , then we have lost everything

If we , the mothers of the believers have sold our Aakhira for a piece of Dunya , how will be be able to raise an Ummah that is able to stand firm on Deen

If we are unable to overcome
These challenges ourselves , how will we equip Our children with the strength and conviction of our Deen inorder to fight Fitnah and Fasad much greater than we can even imagine !!!

May Allah guide us to reclaim the honor and dignity that Allah has given to us ,
May Allah guide us to spend our
Life trying to PERFECT our Deen
May Allah Inspire us to seek forgiveness as Allah loves those
Who make Taubah and sincerely ask for forgiveness ( something that Shaytaan was unable to do ! )

Insha Allah , it’s time to turn a new page, to fight against Shaytaan and all his trickery and to choose Allah and ask for Hidayah

As much as we may feel entrapped in this lifestyle and as difficult as it may sound , take a step toward Allah and He will open the way

May Allah guide us all