“(O Muhammad!) Follow what has been revealed to you from your Rabb. There is no God but He (Allah), and ignore the Mushrikeen.” (Qur’aan)

What is ‘Inter-Faith Dialogue’? A grave misconception exists regarding this concept. The shallow-minded Muslim merely looks at the words and concludes that inter-faith dialogue is a friendly discussion of different religious groups which provides an opportunity for propagating Islam. This is a fundamental error which Shaitaan has adorned and by means of which he ensnares Muslims to initially ‘tolerate’ shirk and kufr, and ultimately to subscribe to the supreme kufr of the unity of religions which is the fundamental goal to which the Inter-Faith movement aspires.

It is this fundamental doctrine of the Inter-Faith ideology which is the very antithesis and death-knell of Islam. But Shaitaan operates in subtle ways, adorning kufr and shirk with even ‘Islamic’ hues to beguile unsuspecting and unwary Muslims whose short-sightedness blurs their mental vision due to the lack of Roohaaniyyat (spirituality on the basis of Tauheed), and Firaasat (spiritual wisdom and insight) which are wholly dependant on Wara’ and Taqwa.

If the question is asked: “What is Islam?, its answer is not obtained from the literal meaning of the word in the dictionary. The literal meaning, viz., ‘submission’, does not expound the doctrines, practices and the entire system of life which the ideology of Islam connotes. To understand Islam, a study of its belief and practice system is necessary. Similarly, to understand ‘Inter-Faith Dialogue’, the literal meanings of the words are inadequate.

Inter-Faith is an ideology. It is a new concept and belief system which has fundamentals, just as all other religious concepts and ideologies have cardinal articles of faith.

What are the fundamentals of the Inter-Faith ideology? The Institute of Interfaith Dialog (IID) outlining the fundamental basis of the Inter-Faith ideology states:


  1. “The premise of interfaith dialogue is that all religions are equally legitimate.”
  2. “No religion possesses absolute truth.”

Both these doctrines of kufr are violently in conflict with the Qur’aan’s concept of Tauheed and Islam. Islam can never condone the propagation of Tauheed from the premises of ideologists of this ilk. Islam simply does not tolerate shirk, kufr and baatil.

Elaborating the articles of faith of the Inter-Faith movement, and Institute of Interfaith Dialog presents the following:

  • Tolerance
  • Inter-Faith dialogue and conversation
  • No dogmatism and criticism of any individual’s spiritual concepts, beliefs, etc.
  • Unity of religions

These ‘articles’ have specific meanings and significance in the Inter-Faith ideology. All these articles of faith of the Inter-Faith movement should be viewed in the light of its two fundamental principles mentioned above. ‘Toleration’ in this context means to condone and not to criticize the kufr and shir-k of any religion. Thus, in terms of the Inter-Faith religion trinity, idolatry and atheism enjoy equal legitimacy and are on par with the Tauheed which Islam so rigidly and uncompromisingly demands of mankind.


The article of ‘tolerance’ is fortified by the fundamental belief that no religion is the absolute truth, and this includes Islam. Just as the followers of other religions are encouraged to tolerate Islamic beliefs of Tauheed despite this Pivot of the Deen not being the absolute truth in the Inter-Faith ideology, so too are Muslims asked to tolerate, condone and to refrain from criticism of the beliefs of shirk and kufr of other religions.

The article of ‘no dogmatism’ requires Muslims to mellow their beliefs and to provide latitude for the accommodation of polytheism, atheism and all brands of shirk and kufr.

‘Tolerance’ in the Inter-Faith context applies to Aqaaid (Fundamental Beliefs) which are imperative for Najaat (everlasting salvation) in the Hereafter. ‘Tolerance’ does not relate to physical toleration of people of different faiths.

If dialogue is necessary between the adherents of different faiths, it should not be under the umbrella of the Inter-Faith ideology. Islam will never tolerate the slightest condonation of the shirk and kufr of the conglomerate of false religions. Islam unequivocally asserts that its Tauheed and every aspect of its system of belief and practice, is the Absolute Truth down to the minutest detail which regulates Muslim lifestyle. If, due to misinformation or ignorance, non-Muslims have misgivings and misconceptions about Islam and its attitude towards them, they are at liberty to discuss with learned Muslims to gain a proper understanding of Islam. Such dialogue will preclude any opportunity for them to present their doctrines and beliefs for Muslims to consider.

The purpose of the dialogue will not be to negotiate on issues of Islamic beliefs and practices, but will be to gain an understanding of Islam.

Such dialogue will necessarily be enacted in an Islamic setting, not in an environment where the attitudes, norms and practices of the kuffaar predominate such as a hall or church where all the requirements of Hijaab, etc. are flouted. Tableegh cannot be effected by means of the perpetration of Haraam acts. It is Talbeesul Iblees to present a convoluted interpretation which justifies haraam for the sake of Tableegh and Da’wat.

‘Inter-Faith’ is a universal effort engineered by Shaitaan who has formulated for the human proponents of this movement fundamental beliefs which are the very antithesis of the Islamic concept of Tauheed. It is not an attempt to gain a better understanding of Islam with the aim of ascertaining if Islam is the sole repository of the Absolute Truth or not.

The futile and destructive purpose of the Inter-Faith movement is to create ‘one ideology’ out of a concoction of a variety of religions and ideologies.

While this may be the purpose of honest non-Muslims with attitudes of altruism (unselfishness), Iblees has harnessed them as well as ignorant Muslims, including molvies and sheikhs, to give practical effect to his plot of destroying Islam. Once the fundamental of Tauheed is contaminated, Islam is destroyed. Thus, Inter-Faith dialogue and seminars strike at the very roots of Islam, but Iblees has adorned his conspiracy for miscreant, misguided molvies and sheikhs who have clambered on board the satanic movement for their own pernicious nafsaani motives of aggrandizement, etc.

The Qur’aan Majeed categorically asserts that the mission of Islam is effacement of all baatil (false) religions and the domination of only the Truth of tauheed as the one, single doctrine of Truth. The Qur’aan admits not the slightest departure or compromise in this fundamental stand and doctrine. Any doctrine or ideology which conflicts with Tauheed is outlawed, criticized and branded satanic.

While the pivot of everlasting Salvation in the Hereafter is only Islamic Tauheed, the godhood doctrines of all other religions are the basis of eternal damnation.

In diametric contradiction with the fundamental and uncompromising doctrine of Tauheed which vigorously asserts its exclusivity, the fundamental basis for the existence of inter-faith dialogue as promoted by the Institute of Interfaith Dialog (IID) is the “equal legitimacy” of all the religions of the world, including every idolatrous religion of a myriad of idols and hand-made deities.

Propounding this pivotal basis of inter-faith dialogue, the IID states: “The premise of interfaith dialogue is that all religions are equally legitimate and none possesses absolute truth.”

Since this is the fundamental ‘kalimah’ of the universal inter-faith movement, how is it possible for a molvi or a sheikh to participate in such seminars? By association with the preachers of the doctrine, ‘No religion possesses absolute truth’, and the doctrine, ‘All religions are equally legitimate’, the molvi / sheikh is constrained to elevate all baatil religions and ideologies to the pedestal of Truth, and in the same vein demote the Haqq of Islam to the level of the religions of kufr and shirk. Shaitaan thus dulls the intelligence of the molvi participant and makes him oblivious of the Qur’aanic averment:
“Verily, the Deen by Allah is only Islam.”, and the categorical Qur’aanic rejection of kufr: “Never ever will Allah accept any deen other than Islam.”

Inter-Faith dialogue and seminars totally preclude contesting the kufr and shirk doctrines of the baatil religions. Inter-Faith is in fact a shaitaani ideology with its pivotal doctrine that “all religions are equally legitimate”, and that all religions are different paths leading to the same goal of salvation. This belief is extremely repugnant to Tauheed.

When the Inter-Faith ideology prohibits refutation of the falsehood of other religions, how can true Tablegh of the Haqq be conceivable?

The participant in inter-faith services and seminars has to offer total tolerance to the expositions of shirk and kufr presented by his co-religionist of the Inter-Faith ideology. His participation is therefore condonation and silent approval for the propagation of kufr, shirk and atheism. The molvi / sheikh who participates in inter-faith seminars or dialogue has to display overt subscription to the Bahai creed which enjoins “to consort with the followers of all religions in a spirit of friendliness and fellowship.”

According to the Institute of Inter-Faith Dialog: “Bahais are often at the forefront of local inter-faith activities and efforts. Through the Bahai International Community agency, the Bahai’is also participate at a global level in inter-religious dialogue both through and outside of the United Nations processes… … In 2002 the Universal House of Justice, the global governing body of the Bahai’is…released a booklet called One Common Faith…in which it identifies as a major challenge for the Bahai community the inculcation of the principle of the oneness of religion and overcoming of religious prejudices.”

Muslim protagonists of Inter-Faith have become entrapped in Shaitaan’s grand scheme to eliminate Islam with his Bahai and other agents.

Whereas Islam with uncompromising vehemence propagates the Oneness of Allah Azza Wa Jal, the religions of baatil teach the doctrine of the ‘oneness of religion’ which Islam outrightly refutes, but which the inter-faith molvis and sheikhs have to silently condone when they participate in these shaitaani conspiratorial seminars.

Inter-Faith dialogue is a massive Talbeesul Iblees (deception of shaitaan) plot to destroy Islam. Iblees has himself engineered the inter-faith dialogue conspiracy as a subtle trap in which he ensnares both non-Muslims and Muslims. In the inceptional stage of the inter-faith exercise only non-Muslims were participants. Gradually ‘intellecual’, secular, modernist Muslims were roped in. Now of recent, short-sighted molvis and sheikhs with extremely shallow knowledge and totally lacking in Firaasat (spiritual wisdom), have also been enlisted to give further impetus to this plot of Iblees.

The primary aim of the satanic plot is to ultimately destroy Islam. However, Shaitaan with all his kuffaar and hypocrite ‘Muslim’ consorts will not achieve his pernicious goal. The Qur’aan vigorously rebuffing the dream of Islam’s effacement as a consequence of the conspiracies of Iblees, says: “They plot to extinguish the Noor of Allah with their mouths (their inter-faith dialogue) while Allah intends to complete His Noor even though the kaafiroon detest it.”

Should it be assumed that the non-Muslim preachers of Inter-Faith ideology are not by design promoting the destruction of Islam, the irrefutable reality is that Iblees himself is in charge of the global inter-faith operation and effort. His primary task is to destroy Islam. In the furtherance of his goals, Iblees enlists human beings, both kuffaar and stupid Muslims, especially the Ulama-e-Soo’ breed.

A cardinal article of the Inter-Faith religion is ‘tolerance’ of the beliefs of other religions. When a Muslim participates in inter-faith dialogue he silently condones and accepts the articles of faith of this satanic ideology. For the non-Muslim participants, this type of ‘toleration’ poses no problem whatsoever. Compounding falsehood with more falsehood does not alter the equation of kufr. The quotient remains static. That is, it remains kufr. Kufr in whatever hue is kufr – treason against Allah Rabbul Izzat.

On the contrary, the cardinal article of ‘toleration’ – that is, tolerating the shirk, kufr and atheism of the false ideologies – is itself kufr according to the Qur’aan which commands that the kuffaar be informed in unambiguous terms that their ideology is false and evil. “And remember when Ibraaheem said to his father, Aazar: ‘What, do you like idols as gods? Verily, I see you and your people (dwelling) in manifest deviation.’” – Surah Al-Anaam, Aayat 74

Describing the kind of ‘dialogue’ Nabi Ibraaheem (Alayhis Salaam) coducted with his kuffaar nation, The Qur’aan-e-Hakeem states: (Ibraaheem) said: ‘O my nation! Verily, I dissociate from the things which you associate (as partners with Allah). Verily, I turn my face resolutely unto Him Who has created the heavens and the earth, and I am not among the mushrikeen. His people disputed with him (trying to convince him of the correctness of their shirk). He said: ‘What, do you dispute with me regarding Allah whilst He has guided me? I am not scared of the (idols) which you associate with Him, except whatever my Rabb desires.” – (Surah Al-Anaam, Aayats 78-80)

The only dialogue which the Qur’aan countenances with non-Muslims is straightforward, unadulterated Tableegh inviting them to accept Tauheed and Islam without tolerating any exposition of the kufr and shirk which they present. The type of ‘toleration’ of kufr, shirk and atheism which Muslim participants have to incumbently endure in silence is Haraam and tantamount to kufr.

A dialogue which requires suppression of the Haqq and silent condonation of kufr and shirk which are vigorously promoted in the presence of the molvi or sheikh participant, who by his silence tacitly concedes the inter-faith doctrine of the ‘equality of all religions’ and that Islam is not the absolute truth, is mal-oon and maghdoob alayh – Allah’s Curse and Wrath are on such a dialogue.

While the inter-faith doctrine of equality of religions and its cardinal article of faith, namely, ‘tolerance’, dictate that kufr and shirk may not be contested and refuted, the Qur’aan commands: “(O Muhammad!) Follow what has been revealed to you from your Rabb. There is no god but He (Allah), and ignore (the dialogue of) the Mushrikeen.”

(Surah Al-Anaam, Aayat 106)

To qualify for participation on the Inter-fath stage, the Muslim participants are required to adhere to the doctrines and articles of faith of this shaitaani ideology. In rejection of this type of dialogue which allows kufr and shirk a platform of propagation, the Qur’aan states: “Allah has cursed them (the Nasaara). They take their priests and their saints as gods besides Allah, and (they also take as god), the Maseeh, Son of Maryam. And, they were not commanded except that they worship One God. There is no god but He. He is pure and high above the things they associate (with Him).” – (Surah At-Taubah, Aayats 30-31)

The Muballigh (the one delivering the message of Islam) is required by the Qur’aan to deliver the Message of Tauheed with clarity and without being instrumental in the promotion of any kufr ideology such as inter-faith concepts. If the kuffaar are not prepared to have ‘dialogue’ with the Muballigh on only such terms which the Qur’aan condones, he is required to terminate the attempt to call them to the Path. Thus the Qur’aan commands: “If they turn away, then verily, upon you is only the (delivery) of the Clear Message.” – (An – Nahl)

ADAPTED FROM: THE INTERFAITH TRAP OF KUFR by Mujlisul Ulama of South Africa.