TAWAKKUL – Having Perfect trust in Allah Ta’ala and Reliance on Him alone.”

Allah Ta’ala says:

“Upon Allah should the Believers have tawakkul (trust).”

Rasulullah (saws) said: “When you ask, ask of Allah and when you seek aid, seek from Allah.”

Reposing implicit trust of the heart in only the Creator is called tawakkul. The meaning of tawakkul is expressed by the term taukeel (to make or appoint a wakeel or a counsellor, agent, representative). When one lacks the understanding and ability for something then another is appointed to execute the task. Such appointment of an agent to act on one’s behalf is the meaning of taukeel. Tawakkul then is to act in accordance with Allah’s Scheme, i.e. to adopt the principles and laws of the Shariat, and to resign oneself unto Him. In every act or task, the means required for the task will be employed within the confines of the Shariat and one’s trust will be placed in Allah Ta’ala.

Tawakkul has three fundamental principles: Ma’rifat, Halat and A’mal.

This consists of Tauheed of Allah Ta’ala which means: Besides Allah there is no object of worship; He is Incomparable; He has no partner; All sovereignty belongs to Him; All praise and glory belongs to Him; He has power over all things. This conception of Tauheed acknowledges that Allah Ta’ala possesses such perfect power and wisdom which make Him worthy of all praise and glory. Sincere and honest belief in this conception of Tauheed grounds true Imaan in the heart.

The effect of Imaan grounding itself in the heart is Tawakkul. The condition essential for achieving this tawakkul is sincere acknowledgement of tauheed. The meaning of sincere acknowledgement is that this Tauheed pervades the heart so much that there remains no room in one’s heart to entertain any other concept.

The Haal of Tawakkul is to resign oneself to Allah Ta’ala. Assign all affairs to Him and maintain the heart in the state of peace and tranquillity. it envisages diversion from all and everything other than Allah Ta’ala. Upon Allah Ta’ala being made the Wakeel one resigns in full confidence. Allah Ta’ala, the Wakeel is full of Wisdom and is the Benefactor and Protector of the one who has reposed tawakkul in him. There is therefore no need for- the heart to toss in doubt and uncertainty. He will not allow your enemy to vanquish you. In this way when one fully realizes that rizq (sustenance), maut (death), hayat (life) and all affairs of creation are within the direct power and control of Allah Ta’ala, then there is absolutely no cause for the heart to labour in uncertainty and suffer any lack of confidence.

The ignorant labour under the misconception that Tawakkul entails abstention from effort, the means and material agencies. This idea of tawakkul is highly erroneous. Tawakkul does not advocate shunning or abstaining from the material agencies which Allah Ta’ala has created and made subservient to man. Shunning the legitimate use of the material means and agencies for legitimate purposes and needs is not lawful according to the Shariat.

The way in which to acquire Tawakkul is by contemplating the bounties of Allah Ta’ala, His Promises and one’s past success.