I Do Not Know The Meaning Of The Different Signs Appearing At The End Of The Qur`Aanic Verses. Please Explain These.

I do not know the meaning of the different signs appearing at the end of the Qur`aanic verses. Please explain these.

(a) The letter Meem is known as Waqfe Laazim. It is necessary to pause wherever the Meem appears. If a pause is not made, there is the possibility of the meaning changing.
(b) The letter Twaa is the sign of a pause known as Waqf-e-Mutlaq. A pause should be made on it. It indicates that the meaning has not been fully stated yet.
(c) The letter Jeem is the sign of the pause known as Waqf-e-Jaaiz. It is preferable to pause here although not pausing is permissible.
(d) The letter Zoo indicates that it is preferable NOT to pause.
(e) The letter Swaad known as Waqf-e-Murakhkhas indicates that it is preferable NOT to stop although pausing is permissible. The difference between the rule of Zoo and Swaad is in their application, i.e. the desirability of NOT pausing is greater at the pause of Swaad.
(f) The word: Swaad Laam Yaa is the abbreviation of “Alwasal Aulaa” which means “Joining is preferable”. The reader should carry on reading. This is more meritorious.
(g) The letter Qoof is the abbreviation of: “Qeela alahil waqf” which means: “It has been stated that a pause should be made on it.” No pause should be made here.
(h) The word: Swaad Laam is the abbreviation of “Qad yoosalu” which means: “Will be joined occasionally”. Occasionally one may pause here and occasionally not, although pausing is preferable.
(i) The word Qif is a command meaning: “Pause!” It appears at such places where the possibility exists that the reader will continue reciting without pausing.
(j) The letter Seen or the word Saktoh indicates a pause without breaking the breath. In other words the reciter shall momentarily pause and continue without breathing afresh.
(k) The word Waqfah is the same as Saktah with the difference that the Waqfah pause is longer than the Saktah pause.
(l) The word Laa means: “Do not!” This word appears sometimes at the end of a verse and sometimes during the verse. If it appears within the verse then it is not permissible to pause and if it appears at the end of a verse then one may or may not pause.
(m) The letter Kaaf is the abbreviation of “Kathaalik” which means “similarly”. In other words, the same sign as the one preceding it will apply here