“There Are Three Whose Supplication Is Answered Without Doubt”



Abu Hurayrah رضي الله عنه reported that the Messenger of Allah للَّه سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى said,


“There are three whose supplication is answered without doubt:

the supplication of the oppressed,

the supplication of the traveler, and

the supplication of the father for his son”


  • Abu Dawud in Kitab as-salah (book of prayer) no 1536  || At-Tirmidhy in Kitab Al-Birr was silah (book on goodness and keeping relations) no. 1905 || Imam Ahmad 2/258


This Hadith explains that there are three types of supplications that are not rejected:


  1. The supplication of the oppressed. And that is due to the oppression that he has suffered and he/she  makes Du’a against the one who oppresses him/her. As occurs in the hadith of Mu’aadh, in which the Prophet (Sallahu Alaihee Wasallam) said:


“Beware of the supplication of the oppressed, as indeed there is no hijab (to prevent the Du’a from being answered) between the one who is oppressed and Allah.


  1. The supplication of the traveler. Due to the difficulties a traveler faces, his supplication during his journey will be answered.


  1. The supplication of the parents for their child. This applies whether the parent makes Du’a  for the child or against him, both types of supplications will be answered. It is therefore upon the children to do all that they can to have their parents make Du’a  for them. This is done through pleasing one’s parents, being obedient to them and showing them goodness.


Along with this, they (the children) must also take all precautionary measures to make sure that Du’a is not made against them, due to their disobedience and lack of goodness towards their parents.


Allah للَّه سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى knows the best