PAAS ANFAAS: Every breath “Allahu”: How to achieve this!


Every breath “Allahu”: How to achieve this!

“Paas Anfaas” is an excellent and an easy form of remembering Allah Ta’aala.
Moulana Maseehullah Rahmatullahi Alayh explains this form of Thikr in the
following manner:

“Take a deep breath. While inhaling concentrate on the Word “Allah”. Thereafter
exhale vigorously whilst concentrating on the Word “Hu”. Do this repeatedly.”
(Shariah and Tasawwuf p. 125)
In the beginning some effort is required. However after a little while a person’s
breathing will be conditioned to taking the Name of Allah Ta’aala.

Insha-Allah, by continuously practicing the above, especially at the time of
sleeping, we will be alert of Allah Ta’aala’s presence at all times. The more we
remember Allah, the more He has promised in the Holy Qur’aan to remembers
us. Such an easy method to remember Allah. May we be endowed with the
Taufeeq to never spend a breath without remembering our beloved Creator.