The Arab Flags

The Arab Flags

By M.H. Ebrahim

Recently, due to the increased aggression and oppression against Palestinians from the part of the accursed Jews, Muslims around the world have taken to displaying the Palestinian flag as a form of showing solidarity with them. However, what most Muslims do not realise is that the flags of the Arab lands are flags of evil and, rather than bring the Help of Allaah Ta`ala, they may instead bring the Anger of Allaah Ta`ala. People put up these flags as their display pictures, or carry them in marches and protests, or display them on the windows of their cars or elsewhere, not knowing the origin and meaning of these flags.

The Arab flags are made up of the same four colours, and each of these colours are symbolic: black, white, green and red. These are referred to by some as the Pan-Arab colours. Each colour signifies a dynasty of the past. Black signifies the Abbasid dynasty; white signifies the Umayyad dynasty; green signifies the Kaafir Shia Faatimid dynasty and red signifies the Hashemite dynasty of Sharif Hussein and his family.

In 1916, these four colours were combined to create a flag known as the Flag of the Arab Revolt. It was done by a kaafir by the name of Mark Sykes (Colonel Sir Tatton Benvenuto Mark Sykes) who, together with a Frenchman by the name of François Georges-Picot were responsible for destroying the Arab world by playing the old British tactic of divide and rule. In the past, Syria, Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon were all one single area known as Shaam. Sykes-Picot cut up the Arab world like a cake, installing their own puppet rulers from among the Arabs to rule over the lands, and reviving among them jaahili `asabiyyah (nationalism).

I could explain at length the far-reaching effects of the Sykes-Picot borders and flags, but this message would become too lengthy and many would then not read it. Suffice to say that Sykes-Picot divided up the Arab lands, destroying their unity and making them easy to conquer and rule over, and causing them to fight among themselves, and the kuffaar installed puppet rulers, petty dictators of their own design to rule over each Arab land.

At this time, the Osmanli (Ottoman) Khilaafah was still ruling, and the British knew that in order to take power fully and trample the Muslims under their feet, they needed to get rid of the Khilaafah, so they installed a lap dog of theirs in the Hijaaz who was known as Sharif Hussein and who was a sell-out, grovelling at their feet, and they gave him the task of expelling the forces of the Ottoman Khilaafah from the Hijaaz. Sykes designed for him the flag known as the Flag of the Arab Revolt, made up of the four symbolic colours: black, white, green and red. Black to symbolise the Abbasids, white to symbolise the Umayyads, green to signify the Kaafir Shia Faatimids and red to signify this new “Hashemite State” that would be ruled over by this lap dog of the British: Sharif Hussein. Gathering the various Bedouin tribes who agreed to sell themselves to Britain for a paltry sum of money, they succeeded in expelling the Ottomans from the Jazeeratul `Arab, and this weakened the Ottomans enough that a few years later, the kuffaar were able to remove the Khilaafah completely by having their kaafir puppet in Turkey, Kemal Attatürk, cancel the Khilaafah, bringing in the era of atheism, secularism, liberalism and blatant satanism.

This Flag of the Arab Revolt, initially used as the flag of Hijaaz between 1917 to 1920, was taken up by the other Arab lands such as Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Iraq, North Yemen, Kuwait, Sudan, Libya, the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic and elsewhere. It was also the flag of the Ba’ath Party, signifying Arab Nationalism as opposed to Islaam and unity by virtue of Tawheed. All of these flags consist of the same four colours: black, white, green and red.


1) All of these flags were based on the design of the Flag of the Arab Revolt, designed by the British kaafir, Mark Sykes;

2) These flags were favoured by the kuffaar because they reinforce the baatil borders drawn up by Sykes-Picot which divided the Arab lands;

3) *All of these flags promote the Shia Kaafir Faatimid Dynasty*, hence by displaying this flag, a person is knowingly or unknowingly supporting Shi’ism. The green on each and every one of these flags symbolises Shi’ism.

It was on the 18th of October, 1948 that the all-Palestine Government adopted the Flag of the Arab Revolt, and thereafter it was recognised by the Arab League as the flag of Palestine.

In conclusion: we as Muslims have nothing to do with any of these baatil flags, and we reject the imaginary borders drawn up by Sykes-Picot which was done to destroy the Khilaafah and Muslim rule.

Millions can march in the streets carrying these flags and it means nothing to the kuffaar. In fact, they laugh at it because they were the ones who designed those flags in the first place, and designed it to divide up the Muslim lands to more easily rule over them and keep them under control. Furthermore, as Muslims we must never ever promote or display any of these flags, because besides the issue of Sykes-Picot, all of these flags symbolise Shi’ism. As Muslims we have one flag, and that is the Flag of Tawheed.