The Tale of a Television – “Catch Them While They Are Still Young”

I catch them while they are still young. That’s the best time to get them addicted. That’s the time when their parents have let down their guard.

I drug them with a simple innocent cartoon. I have to be careful not to scare the kids away. A dose of good-versus bad — a Superman versus the evil guys -generally does the trick.

Superman flies from buildings and does some other impossible things which, of course, we adults know, but the small kids don’t. That’s the beauty of my plan. Grab the kids, grab them hard. Catch them young. Once they hooked, they hooked for a long time. My kiddies cartoon programs generally have morbid weird and disproportionate figures. Just a simple cartoon it seems, but boy, does it program their minds to accept the weird and the crooked things in life! They all want to be flying heroes-fools that they are. I saturate their small innocent minds with a very subtle but powerful message like: Superman kills, be a killer and you will be a hero! Never mind that Islam teaches one to kill evil with kindness. I make sure that there are such musical themes that desensitizes their minds.

As they grow older, my dosages increase accordingly. A cocktail of some fantastic drugs are administered by me. Must make it worth their Jahannam.

Movies — plenty of them. O they love it. When I administer the drug of a romance movie, even grannies and granddads sway and swoon. You think that they would care about death staring coldly in astonishment at their foolishness. Old they are, afflicted with sugar and high blood and heart problems…but they just cant let go of me. Not bad for a dumb stupid box!

Another of my drugs is the horror and science fiction movies which I administer. If ever you wish to see a stupid human being–—and mind you I have seen many—then it’s those guys who get taken in by horror stories filled with blood and death. They enjoy their eyes popping in fear and their hearts beating with terror. They clench their teeth and shake in their boots. Jahannam does not strike a percent of the fear which I strike in their hearts! I sometimes fear my own immense power. Don’t these guys realize that the horror they see, is nothing compared to what they will experience in Jahannam. Don’t they understand that the horrors of Jahannam is infinitely more then what I can ever conjure. Well, what can I do if they are not prepared to use their brains.

Then I have another drug which is just awesome. It’s the drug of drama and thriller movies. The whole family gets hooked. The Indian movies are a great hit. My clients love them. Hero’s and Heroines galore. Song and dances aplenty. The whole family is in a trance. Husbands ogle the actresses. How beautiful is she not! Never mind she is a Mushrik, in love with an idol.

Wives are star struck. How handsome does that actor not look. Never mind he is an avowed en emy of Allah, prepared to die for his idol. The whole family is captivated by my deception. They smile even as idols are worshipped and garlanded. They rock at the tune of the music and songs which praises and glorifies idols. While watching the movie, they come close to crying, then close to laughing, just like real junkies on a high.

No one dares even to go to the toilet. Visitors are ignored. Hunger is forgotten. Death is for someone else. Not for this happy family.

You, the Ummah sit and snort my cocaine even as the smart frames of Rahmaan and the Holy Kaaba are hypocritically adorned on your walls. My cocktail of drugs is unique. I administer an hourly dose called advertisements which I bombard you with. You have a special love-hate relationship with it. You love it because it dulls your senses with all the nice things that you see and makes you believe that this life is forever. The smart goodies are always just within reach. If you have it, you made it in life.

You hate the advertisements because they always interrupt your favourite programs. Its like a mother in law who keeps on coming in the room at wrong times. Well, whether you love it or hate it, you don’t have much choice. Lump it or leave it. And leave it very few do.

My advertisements target one and all. Sorry, even the kids. Soon peer pressure will make them demand that you buy the product for them. Other kids have it, they think, it’s only a heartless stingy father that can deprive them. I do not differentiate between a Muslim home and a non-Muslim home. Background Shaytaanic music and Haraam subtle words penetrates your subconscious without you realizing it. My advertisements activate greed. And as you know, Shaytaan became Shaytaan because of his greed for name and fame. I create in you a lust for name and fame. Branded names you must have, for it will make you famous. I have obliterated the word “enough” from your dictionary. You may be on a diet but my powers are such that I will make you stare at an advertisement of a Haraam burger with greed drip ping from your eyes!

Then there is the Sitcom comedies. Gays and homosexuals joke around and you laugh and think it to be funny. Your brain has been so badly scrambled that you love the humour of an accursed people. Instead of shaking with the Fear of Allah, you laugh as if you will never have to answer Him. No wonder that behind your backs, your wives are in touch with gays in order that they may pour their hearts out to someone who they think is in touch with his feminine side! Background Shaytaanic music and Haraam obscene subtle words penetrates your subconscious.

My favourite drug is sports. It is highly effective in getting you to forget Allah Most High. You crave sports like a seasoned addict — you love it to bits. No matter what the time, where the match is, you just have to be involved. What Salaah? The match is on! What Sunnah? Imitating the Kuffaar becomes your “Sunnah”. Their dressing, their names are more beloved to you than your own name.

Did you ever see a Muslim with his own name printed on his skipper or track suit? But the names of the non-Muslim sportsmen is seen often! Your hero is the soccer player with an earing and a bangle. What a lousy choice. The guy is not even sure if he is a male or female and you admire him and worship him and wish to be like him.

Cricket matches regularly feature half naked women dancing and kicking their legs to the tune of Shaytaanic music.

The camera man focuses on only the good looking men and half naked women. You and your spouse imagine that it is just a cricket game.

You stare at these obscene scenes. Some wives are in Hijaab. Some husbands have beards. Despite this, my power is so awesome that you cannot conceive the fact that your spouse is starring at other men and women. You are staring at such a Haraam scene which shakes the Arsh of Allah with anger!

The Satr is exposed whilst they play soccer. In many places the spectators bow collectively with their hands outstretched towards the player. They are making Sujood with signs to the player. You clap hands in glee.

Yes, I have drugged you and made myself the “Kaaba” of your life.

Yes, I am the direction of your life and I fully control you.

My temptations are such that very few can resist me. What a pity that you just don’t realize that I have turned your lounge into my temple wherein Shaytaan is worshipped twenty four seven by the whole family