Q and A

Q. Mushrooms are sometimes grown in poultry litter that may contain some poultry manure. How should this be treated?

A. It is not permissible to grow mushrooms in poultry litter. Nevertheless, as mentioned above, the mushrooms remain halaal, but Taqwa requires abstention, and using such a medium is sinful. (11) The issue here relates to the domain of Taqwa. That is, the end product relates to taqwa. But, the use of a haraam media is haraam. So whilst the end product will be halaal for consumption, since it is a plant, it is not permissible to utilize a haraam medium.

Q. Is it permissible to abstain from medical treatment even if the disease is life-threatening?
Medicine is not in the same category as food. There is no certitude in medical diagnosis, prescription and opinion. If a person has true Tawakkul, then it is perfectly permissible for him to abstain from medical treatment.
A. A convert Muslim has no Muslim heirs. Can he make a wasiyyat for his non-Muslim wife and children?

There are no inheritance ties between Muslims and non-Muslims regardless of how close the relationship may be. Non-Muslims do not inherit
in the estate of a Muslim nor do Muslims inherit in the estate of non- Muslims. This man’s non-Muslim wife and non-Muslim children do not
inherit in his estate. He may make a bequest for them which should not exceed one third the value of his estate. The balance of his estate should be bequeathed to Islamic Charity.

Q. If wudhu breaks whilst making wudhu, should it be repeated from the beginning?
A. If wudhu breaks during the process of making wudhu, it should be repeated from the beginning.

Q. On his return journey when does a musaafir no longer remain a musaafir? When does he stop performing Qasr Salaat?
A. The person remains a musaafir right until the boundary of his home town. He may perform Qasar Salaat as long as he has not entered the boundary of his hometown. The moment the musaafir enters the boundary of his hometown, he ceases being a musaafir.

Q. Can Durood be recited in Sajdah?
A. It is not permissible to recite Durood in Sajdah. Only Tasbeeh may be recited in Sajdah.

Q. How many holes may a lady pierce in her ears?
A. A lady may pierce her ears only with one hole in each ear. More than one is the style of the kuffaar.

Q. Is it permissible to use handsanitizing tissues which contain alcohol?

A. Hand sanitizers containing alcohol are not permissible

Q. A worker was hired to transport some goods. Along the way some goods were stolen. Can the owner hold him liable and deduct from his wages/fees?

A. Only if the transporter /carrier was negligent may the owner of the stolen / lost goods hold him liable. The goods in the custody of the transporter is Amaanat. He cannot be held liable for any loss of the goods if he was not negligent.

Q. I work in a fish stall. The owner deceives people by telling them that the fish is fresh whereas it is frozen. Is my job halaal?

A. It is permissible to work in the fish stall as long as you, yourself do not deceive the people. You may not deceive them by saying that the frozen fish is ‘fresh’ fish. If you are required to deceive, then it will not be permissible to work there.