Shia’ism: A History Of Betrayal

By Maulana Muhammed Saloojee

1. The assassination of Caliph Umar bin Khattab was carried out by Abu-Luluah, who is considered a hero by the Shia who honour him with the title “Baba Shujjah-e-deen”, which can be translated as “Honoured Defender of Religion.” Today, millions of Shia visit his grave in Iran, and distribute sweets/sweetmeats celebrating the anniversary of the assassination of the second Caliph of Islam.

2. The Shia of Kufa would betray and mutiny against both Hasan and Hussain, eventually leading Hussain to his death. And Hussain’s grandson, Zayd, would also be betrayed by the disloyal Shia and was killed due to this treachery.

3. The very first time the Muslims had to pay the Jizya tax to the Kufaar was when the Muslims faced betrayal by the Shia in the East. They were forced to pay protection money to the Byzantine Empire. Had the Shia not betrayed the Muslims, the Muslim armies would have crushed the Byzantines. However they were forced to pay a disgraceful protection tax to the Kufaar. This is worse than the modern day regimes granting their basses to kill Muslims in other lands.

4. In the 7th Hijri century, the Tatars corresponded with the Caliph’s minister, Al-Alkami (who was Shia). Al-Alkami conspired with the Tatars by orchestrating a ploy whereby Al-Alkami would deliver the Caliph in the arms of the Tatars. The Shia did this in hopes of overthrowing the Caliph and replacing him with a Shia. Al-Alkami convinced the Caliph that the Tatars were willing to sign a peace treaty. So the Caliph, his ministers, and his scholars all went to meet with the Tatars, who were waiting anxiously for them. Upon their arrival, the entire party of Muslims including the Caliph were killed by the Tatars.

5. In the 8th Hijri century, we see that the Fatimids (who were Shia) supported the Crusaders against Salahuddin Ayyoubi and the Muslims. The great Salahuddin had to first get rid of the treachorous Fatimids before he could free Masjid Aqsa.

6. Tipu Sultan, one of the greatest Muslim leaders in Indian history, was betrayed by the Shia. The First Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley, dispatched a Shia from Moradabad to Iran in order to create a Shia opposition group to Tipu Sultan.

7. The “Hassassins” were Shia. They were trained mercenaries hired to murder Caliphs and leaders; they invented the modern day concept of professional mercenaries. The English word “assassin” is derived from the word “Hassassin.”

8. The Shia Safavids implemented a policy of genocide against the majority Sunni population. They betrayed the Ottoman Caliph Bayazid Yildrim by backing the Western forces, allying themselves against the Muslim Army in Ankara.