8 Entrances to Jannah

All of us want a way into Jannah, this is the ultimate goal and the test of this dunya. But how many actually educate themselves on what the Quran and hadith say about Jannah?

“But those who feared their Lord will be driven to Paradise in groups until, when they reach it while its gates have been opened and its keepers say, ‘Peace be upon you; you have become pure; so enter it to abide eternally therein,’ [they will enter].” (Surah Al-Zumar 39:73)

There are 8 doors to Jannah, each which allows access to a different type of person. It would be best for us to try to embody the type of person that would be allowed access.

Doors of Jannah:

  1. Baab As-Salaat: For Muslims who are punctual and focused on prayer.
  2. Baab Al-Jihad: For those who took part in Jihad (died in defense of Islam).
  3. Baab As-Sadaqah: Jannah Doors opened to those who frequently gave to charity.
  4. Baab Ar-Rayyaan: For those who fasting (siyam).
  5. Baab Al-Hajj: For Muslims who participated in the Hajj (annual pilgrimage to Mecca)
  6. Baab Al-Kaazimeen Al-Ghaiz Wal Aafina Anin Naas: For those who controlled or withheld anger and practiced forgiving others.
  7. Baab Al-Iman: For those who had sincere faith.
  8. Baab Al-Dhikr: For those who showed zeal in remembering Allah.