The Women of Jannah

In Suraah Ahzaab, Allah Ta`ala has mentioned the following ten qualities which every Muslim should strive to inculcate in themselves. The woman of Jannah is one who has the following qualities:

1. She is a Muslimah: She readily, willingly and cheerfully submits to Allah’s commands. She does not question the wisdom of the Shariah. “Men have charge over women” says Allah. The woman of wonder does not believe in “gender equality, etc.” and does not suffer from an inferior complex, as she is fully aware that in her role as a home executive she gains the Pleasure of Allah Ta`ala.

2. She is a Mu’minah: Filled with Imaan from head to toe, her faith is unshakable. Her quest and mission in life: to perfect her Imaan and serve her husband.

3. She is Contented: The woman of Jannah is more than contented with her lot. She craves not an iota nor a drop of the Dunya. She has no complaints nor demands. She does not waste her time roaming in malls etc. as this does not enthrall her.

4. She is Truthful: Truthfulness is her trademark. In intention, in speech and deed, the woman of wonder is truthful to Allah and His Rasul (Sallallahu alayhi Wasallam). She is loyal to her husband. She detests falsehood, hypocrisy and pretence.

5. She has Sabr: The woman of Jannah is a mountain of Sabr. She has accepted Sabr as her lot since her desire is to enter Jannah. Sabr with her husband, Sabr with in-laws, Sabr with children, Sabr in overseeing the affairs of her home. Sabr, yes Sabr — lots and lots of it.

6. She is Humble: Hidden deep within the bowels of the earth, lay gems and gold. These are only of benefit when the earth is cut and sliced apart.  The earth seldom takes offence. Instead it yields its riches to the very ones who destroyed its features. The women of Jannah is as humble as the earth, full of goodness to others without expecting anything in return. She seeks no name, no fame, no glory, no prizes, no acknowledgement for her deeds.

7. She is Charitable: The woman of Jannah is always looking for ways to be charitable. In her free time, some times she would cook a pot of food for the poor or invite relatives. Sometimes knit a garment for an orphan. In speech she is charitable with praises for others. And yes, she fears propagating her charitable acts, lest it is told to her on the Day of Qiyaamah to find her rewards by those whom she sought to please in the World.

8. She Fasts: Bearing her health in mind, she fasts regularly. Nafl fasts are conditional to her husband’s approval; Fardh fasts not so. The woman of Jannah hastens to complete her Qadha fasts.

9. She is Chaste: The woman of Jannah jealously guards her chastity. In accordance to the commands of Allah Ta’ala she lowers her eyesight; remains glued indoors and converses in a non-alluring manner with strangers in times of severe need, from behind a curtain. The woman of wonder acts upon the Holy Qur’aan and ensures that she avoids anything that may attract the attention of forbidden males to herself Thus, she never passes the gathering of men having applied perfumes, nor does she attend weddings where she is exposed to others on the roads, etc. Rasullullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam honoured  Hadhrat Fatima Radiallahu anha because she said that the best conduct of a woman is: “They (women) should not look at men and men should not look at them.” Such is the high degree of chastity of a woman of wonder!

10. She Remembers Allah in abundance: The woman of Jannah does not waste her precious time.

More precious than a pearl necklace around her neck, is a Tasbeeh in her hand. This soothes her aching heart which is always desirous for meeting Allah Ta’ala.

A woman of Jannah is intelligent and has no urge to prove how clever she is by hankering for a university degree. She recognizes that Allah has created her differently and that her role in life is different form that of a man. She understands fully that her husband is the door to her Jannah and service to him the key to that door. She does not betray his secrets nor seek the pleasure of others — be it her very own parents — at the expense of her husband’s displeasure. A wise shepherdess she is to her flock, caring and feeding them, clothing them and educating them, ever mindful that no harm befalls them and no pain afflicts them.


Such a woman of Jannah has been promised by Allah His Forgiveness and an immense reward!

Such a woman’s name will echo throughout the plains of Qiyaamah. Her prize will be an entry into Jannah from any of its’ eight gates. Owing to her fear of Allah, perhaps to her surprise, she will find two Jannahs awaiting her. Therein she will know no pain, tiredness or fear. Gone are the days of making Sabr. Forever she will remain young with countless of servants to serve her. Every conceivable delight will be at her fingertips. A lifetime was spent cooking, baking, frying, washing and in worry. Now she will simply be pampered with the most choicest of dishes. In lieu of remaining glued to the four walls of her house, she will be permitted to roam and fly on horses made of gold. In return for her obedience to Allah and His Rasul Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam, she now will sit with a crown on her head and have scores of damsels to beckon.

In return for upholding the correct Shar’i Hijaab, she will be adorned with clothing that will consist of seventy colourful shades. This true wonder of a woman’s prize is “what no eyes had seen, no ears had heard and no mind had conceived.”

May all our sisters have the Taufeeq to pursue this dream. (Ameen)