The Position Of Physical Health And Undertaking Treatment – Hazrat Maseehullah رحمه الله

by Hazrat Maseehullah رحمه الله

Yes, good health is matlúb in the eyes of Alláh Ta’álá. This means good physical health. Just as rúhání (good) health is matlúb so is physical (good) health matlúb. This physical health is not maqsúd in itself but it is maqsúd to maintain rúhání health.

In what way? Answer: If a person does not enjoy good physical health then how will he be able to carry out those a’mál which he has been commanded to carry out? So, in itself, physical health is not matlúb. However, good physical health is matlúb for the sake of ímání health, rúhání health, health of the heart and for correctness in a’mál.

Have you understood the issue?

Taking medication is not matlúb. In itself, taking medication is not maqsúd but the taking of medication becomes maqsúd because good health is maqsúd. In terms of the Sharí’at taking care of one’s health is fardh. Does treatment result in good health?

By Huzúre-Akram صلى الله عليه وسلم undertaking treatment he showed: “I also take treatment.” This was out of consideration for the general laws, for the general creation, especially the simple, unsophisticated mu’min ummat. It should not happen that by him not undertaking treatment at all what would happen to his ummate-muslimah? Additionally, they will be weaker. They will obtain strength through treatment which will also be consolation for their families.

Some actions of Nabí ملسو ھیلع الله ىلص were for our benefit. Some actions were such that they were not necessary for Rasúlulláh صلى الله عليه وسلم to carry out. These actions were not contrary to his position as a Nabí but it was in conformity with his station. These were carried out in consideration for his ummate-muslimah: “If I did not carry out these actions there would be those who would also not carry out these actions. Such individuals would also be found in my ummat.” Thus, he also performed such tasks which were in conformity with nabúwat and not contrary to it. It was in consideration of his ummat.

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