The Night of the Milk

The Night of the Milk

There is an incident of a Buzrug [a saintly person]. When he passed away then another Buzrug received kashf [manifestation from Allah Ta’ala] or he saw in a dream that the deceased Buzrug was being questioned. “What amal [deed] have you brought for Us?”

He replied: “Err, nothing, besides Tauheed. [Tauheed is the Belief of Allah Ta’ala being unique in His Being and attributes and particularly, that He is the Cause of all events.]

“You are a liar,” the response came. “Your Tauheed was also flawed. Remember the night of the milk?”

What happened on the “night of the milk” was that one night after drinking milk the Buzrug’s stomach started to pain. “The milk has given me a tummy-ache”, he disclosed to someone. He was thus interrogated: “You declared the milk to be the cause, whereas We made it happen! What kind of Tauheed is this?”

When his Tauheed was also debunked, the Buzrug was on tenterhooks.

Then it was proclaimed: “You have prejudiced your own case. You confess to having only one good deed; and that has been refuted. You are thus deserving of Jahannam.

“But, listen! We are forgiving you, and over what? One night you saw a kitten shivering in the cold. You took pity over it and covered it with a blanket. The kitten prayed for you. We accepted the du’aa of that kitten and your forgiveness is on account of that du’aa”.