It is Sufficient for Allah to Know That We Want Him

It is Sufficient for Allah to Know That We Want Him

In this Path [the Path of Divine Love; the Path of Tasawwuf] the fundamental objective is to strive and to seek. If, ostensibly, success follows thereafter, then one’s purpose has been achieved; and if ostensibly one is unsuccessful, then it is the desire of Allah the Almighty.

Now, it is astonishing for you to give preference to your desire over the desire of the Beloved. In other words, you should get down to searching [the Pleasure of Allah] with resignation to the outcome. You should be satisfied with every result, be the result in accordance with your aspiration or against it.

The bottom line is that the major desire here is for Allah Ta’ala to see us occupied in searching for Him; and this goal can be achieved all the time.

Moulana Ghulaam Rasool Saheb Kanpuri went to his murshid [spiritual guide] with the view of bai’t [i.e. to become initiated in the spiritual path by pledging allegiance to the Shaikh]. The Shaikh said: “First make istikhaarah and then come.”

He went from there to the Masjid and after sitting there awhile he returned to the Shaikh.

“Did you make istikhaarah?”

“Yes, I made.”

“That was quick! How did you make istikhaarah?”

“I asked myself: ‘Why do you want to become bai’t’. My nafs [self] replied: ‘I will get Allah Ta’ala.’

‘After bai’t you lose control over your life and wealth. You will have to incumbently do as the Shaikh tells you to do.’

‘I don’t care, as long as I get Allah Ta’ala.’

‘What if you don’t get Allah?’

‘So what if I don’t get Him? At least Allah Ta’ala will know that I wanted Him. That’s sufficient for me.”

Having listened to the narrative of his conversation with his nafs, the Shaikh responded: “Your istikhaarah takes the prize. Come and become bai’t. Insha Allah, you will not fail.”