Golden History of Islam

Golden History


  ((( would the ambassador of Islam be killed while I am alive..?!))

Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent who assumed the Islamic caliphate at the age of _26 years, and shook the throne of the kings of Europe for 46 years…!

When the Caliph of the Muslims, Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, sat on the throne of the caliphate, the first thing he did was to send a message to the kings of Europe informing them of his assumption of the caliphate and ordering them to pay the tribute prescribed to them, as they did during the reign of his father, Sultan Selim I.  Solomon after thinking that he was weak because of his young age…!

  The Sultan became angry and said: Is the ambassador of Islam killed while I am alive..?!!


        _ Battle of Mohacs_ 927 AH

    Do you know the reason for distorting the Ottoman Caliphate and calling it the Ottoman occupation..?!!!

And why did they distort the history and say that it is the legacy of the sick man…?  Have you heard about


         ((Battle of Mohacs))


 It was not a battle, it was a massacre!!


 Can’t forget Europe!!

After Suleiman the Magnificent’s envoy went to take tribute from the King of Hungary and the leader of Europe at the time: “Vilad Islav II”, and Hungary was the Crusader protector in Europe at the time, so he slaughtered the Messenger of Solomon the Magnificent with a signal from the Pope in the Vatican, the Church and Europe were well prepared!  !

As soon as the morning dawned, the Sultan had prepared a large army supported by warships, and set out with this mighty army.

So the Caliph of the Muslims, Suleiman the Magnificent, prepared his army, which consisted of 100,000 fighters, 350 cannons, and 800 ships.

Europe mobilized its army,and built an alliance of Twenty-one countries!!

I mean the whole continent of Europe, except for some states of France and Portugal.

Their mobilization reached 200,000 horsemen, including 35,000 horsemen completely masked with iron.

So the king of Muslims, Suleiman the Magnificent, the grandson of the leader Muhammad Al-Fateh, came out to them

For a distance of about 1000 km (the length of Egypt), and opened most of the castles on his way to secure the lines..

He arrived at the impregnable city of Belgrade, which was considered the gateway to Central Europe and the fortress of Christianity, as they were called, the city that the conqueror of Constantinople, Muhammad the Conqueror, could not conquer.  The city is on his hands…!


 🏇🏼 The great Sultan arrived in record time to Belgrade and laid a severe siege on it, and after two and a half months of siege, Belgrade fell in the year 927 AH, one of the most powerful European cities…!


The news of Belgrade’s fall came down on the kings of Europe ⚡ like a thunderbolt ⚡ and their fears trembled with terror, and they knew at the time that they were in front of a sultan of a unique style!!

The fortress of Belgrade was opened

And Solomon with his forces crossed the famous river Tola, and waited in the Mohacs Valley, southern Hungary, and eastern Romania, waiting for the united European armies led by Velad and the Pope himself…


Solomon’s tactical problem was the large number of  Roman and Hungarian knights masked with iron, those knights had no way to hit them with arrows, bullets or fencing, to fully shield them.


 What does he do?

Prayed the dawn, and stood up saying to his soldiers while they were looking at the compact European armies, the last of which would not be seen by the beholder!!

So he addressed them until the Islamic army cried

He is facing a fateful battle, and the two armies have lined up…

Solomon’s plan was based on the following:

He placed the formation of his army in a manner of 3 rows over a length of 10 km..

He placed his Janissary forces at the fore, namely the elite, then the light cavalry in the second row, with them the volunteers and the infantry, and he and the artillery in the last row.

After the afternoon prayer, the Hungarians attacked by surprise, so Suleiman ordered the Janissary forces to remain firm and stand firm for only an hour, then flee.

The second row ordered light cavalry and infantry to open the lines and flee from the sides, not backward.


Indeed, the heroic Janissary forces withstood, and annihilated the entire European infantry forces in two successive attacks, with forces amounting to twenty thousand crusaders in the united attack…

The Europeans (the striking force) of the fully disguised cavalry forces, along with another 60 thousand light cavalry…

And the moment came to flee and open the lines, and the Janissaries withdrew to the sides, and the infantry followed them…

The heart of the Ottoman army is completely open.

The forces of Europe descended with a force of 100,000 knights at once towards the heart of the Ottoman forces!!!


 What was the disaster that befell them??


They came face to face right in front of the Ottoman cannons by surprise, which opened their frantic fire and bombs on them from every side, and for a whole hour the European army ended and became history..!!!

European forces in the back rows tried to escape to the Toula River, so they drowned and trampled each other, and thousands of them drowned in crowding, and the masked knights fell, after the iron melted on them from the flames of cannons!!!


And the European army wanted to surrender.

So the decision of the Muslim Caliph Suleiman the Magnificent, which Europe will not forget for him until now and for the Ottoman Turks, and remember him with all hatred: No prisoners!!!!

The Ottoman soldiers took their weapons to the Europeans who wanted to be captured, to fight or be slaughtered alive!!!

Indeed, they fought a desperate and desperate fight.

The battle ended with the killing of Philad, the seven bishops who represent Christianity, the Pope’s envoy, and seventy thousand knights.. Despite this, 25 thousand who were wounded were captured!!!

A military parade was held in the Hungarian capital by the Ottomans, and everyone accepted Solomon’s hand in his honor, including the Grand Vizier, and organized state affairs for two days and left!!!

And Muslims in Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem, Egypt and … sent messages of congratulations to their great king on this crushing victory!!

So the King of Russia, Venice, and the other kings of Europe sent him to congratulate him on the conquest and to give him tribute by hand while they were humbled…!

The German historian Halmer says: “This sultan was more dangerous to us than Salah al-Din himself”…!

The legend of Europe and Hungary is over, and their armies!!!

Hungarians are still far from this defeat!!

As for the Muslims, 1500 of them were martyred, 3000 thousand were wounded, and the army of the Ottoman Islamic Caliphate in full strength was never exhausted!!!


 This battle is the strangest battle in history, in terms of the speed of decisiveness, and it still raises questions, disapproval, hatred and astonishment by some European historians…

Spread it so that Muslims know the meaning of glory and victory, and so that we know who Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent is, whom they portray as distorted in the series The Sultan’s Harem, which is intended to distort the history and jihad of this struggling hero!!

Do you know now why some people distort the image of this heroic sultan and portray him as having no concern but women and trivial pleasures..?!!

It is the duty of every Muslim now to spread the truth and change this false image of our great ancestors…