O, Allah, Why Did You Create Me… A Person Asks?

O, Allah, Why Did You Create Me… A Person Asks?
And The Answer Is…

“And I have not created Man or Jinn accept that they worship Me”

This body — it has been created to worship One Allah. Every limb, bone, hair, piece of flesh and drop of blood has been created for the worship of Allah , Al-Khaaliq and Al-Maalik. Allah Ta’ala owns our entire body. Thus we do not have the right to commit suicide and terminate the existence of it. Just as it is His Sole prerogative to give life, so is it his prerogative to take life.
With the Power of one “Kun” (Be), Allah creates from nothing into Some-thing. One “Kun” (Be) can alter and change the course of our lives. Just one virus, just one abnormal beat of the heart, just one drop of urine in the blood, just a few seconds of severe pain in the chest, well whose wealth and whose intelligence and which con-tact can undo the effect of His “Kun”? All of mankind together are powerless; all their technology useless.
It is best to treat Allah, Most High with Great Respect and Awe. We are dealing with a Deity who Sees everything, listens to everything and has absolute control over everything. He never, ever forgets, nor miscalculates. He never errs nor is He ever deceived. Only a foolhardy person will risk transgressing His commands. Only a person whose heart is dead will court His displeasure.
When Allah revealed His commands, He did not do so in vain. Every Command of His deserves the utmost serious attention. And amongst His Commands is that we worship Him.

“And Worship Me and be Grateful unto Me” (Qur’aan)

Worshipping Allah is the very opposite of worshipping shaytaan. Utilising the body in conflict with His commands is an act of worshipping shaytaan. Has Allah, Most Kind, not reminded us: “And have I not taken a pledge from you, O Bani Aadam, that you shall not worship Shaytaan?”
To get this body to Worship Allah Ta’ala with Istiqaamat, it is necessary to reflect deeply over why our bodies have been created. The fingers, the palms and the hands have been created for making Wudhu, for making Ruk’u, for making Takbeer, for making Sajdah, for making Ghusl, for making Istilaaam, for making Qur-bani, for eating Halaal, for discharging our Zakaat and giving Lillah, for driving towards the Masjid and to visit relatives and the sick. The hands have been given to count our Halaal income and pay people what is due to them. It has been given so that we may operate our computers and open our shops and our factories. It has been given so that we may defend ourselves and apply medication and rub the head of an orphan. It has been given to make Miswaak and towards the direction where the new moon lies shyly hidden. The hands have been given to make Sa-laam and to hold the Holy Qur’aan and to touch a broken hearted person. The hands have been given to cook and to bake to clean the house to dress the children to wash them and to make Tasbeeh and to make Du’aa. The hand has been given to a woman so that she may wear jewellery and adorn herself in a permissible manner for the pleasure of her husband and to place the cheek on the palm when going to sleep. And last but not least, the hand has been given to give Ghusl to the dead and to shroud them and to hand them over to Allah’s custody in the Qabr.
Thus do the hands Worship Allah.

And how does the hands worship Shaytaan?
When the hands steal and write dud checks and open a shop that sells Haraam and operates the remote control to switch on the T.V., know that that hand is worshipping Shytaan. It is making Ibaadah of Shaytaan. And when the hand strikes and hits a person unjustly, and points mockingly at others and slaughters and animal in front of other animals (like the Halaalizing bod-ies do), then know that the hand is worshipping Iblees. When a woman greets a ghair mehram with her hand and when she adorns herself and dresses to impress other men, and when she applies perfume which at-tracts the attention of other men, then her hands are making Ibaadah of Shaytaan. When she drives to any destination which entails sinning like the Radio stations and the television stu-dio’s and to the shopping malls and the cinema’s, she is sinning. The hands Created by Allah are now in the worship of Shaytaan, making the Tasbeeh and the Thikr of Shaytaan, glorifying Shaytaan and silently pro-claiming his “greatness”. Says Allah, Most High: “And have I not taken a pledge from you, O Bani Aadam, that you shall not worship Shaytaan?

Source: TheSharia vol2/10