Retribution of Allah Ta’ala is Not Always Immediate.

It is worth noting that the retribution of Allah Ta’ala is not always immediate. He grants respite to the unjust person so that he may repent for his wrongs. However, it may be that, when Allah’s punishment is meted out, the one being punished is innocent of a misdeed at that specific time and under the current circumstances, so he feels that he is being punished or accused of something he is innocent of. In actual fact, it is the retribution for a previous crime. This person will then raise his hands and cry that he is being unfairly punished, that he is innocent and that he is being wrongly accused.

For this reason it is necessary that a person sits quietly and ponder over his deeds and wrongs of the past and make Istighfaar.

One should repent of all evil deeds …

Aap Beti Vol 7