The Medicine of Sins is Seeking Forgiveness

Generally the medicine of sins is seeking forgiveness. We narrate that Abu Dhar رضي الله عنه said,

“Every illness has a cure and the cure for sins is seeking forgiveness.” [Hakim (Marfu)]

Qatada said, “The Quran indicated to your illnesses and your medicines; as for the illnesses those are your sins, and as for your remedy that is seeking forgiveness.” [Baihaqi]

Some have said, “The pickaxe of the sinner is tears and seeking forgiveness. Whoever is concerned about their sins should seek forgiveness frequently.”

Riha Al-Qisa said, “I have more than forty sins that I seek forgiveness from Allah one hundred thousand times.” [Abu Nayim in Al-Hilyah Al-Awilyah]

Take yourself into account, form the time of maturity, if you slip up do not let them exceed thirty six and seek forgiveness for each one of them one hundred thousand times. Pray one thousand units for each one. Finish the Quran in each unit. Someone said, “Despite this I am not safe that from the presumption that my Lord may bring me into account for them. So I have it in my mind that the repentance is accepted.”