Counsel in Three’s – Part 2

[11] It was said to Prophet Ibrahim (alayhi sallam), “Why did Allah take you as a friend?” He said, “For three things – I always chose Allah’s commands over the commands of others; I never worried about what Allah had already allotted for me (of livelihood); and I never lunched and supped except with a guest.”

[12] A wise man said, “Three things drive away anguish – remembrance of Allah, meeting His awliya’ (those close to Him), and talking to ascetics.”

[13] Al-Hasan al-Basri said, “He who has no manners has no knowledge; he who has no patience has no Religion (din); and he who has no God-consciousness has no closeness to Allah.”

[14] It has been narrated that a man from Bani Israeel went to seek knowledge and their prophet came to hear of this. He called for the man and said to him, “O young man! I will tell you of three things in which lies the knowledge of all those who have come and all those to come – fear Allah in secret and public, hold your tongue regarding people and do not speak of them except in goodness, and ensure that the bread that you eat is halal.” Upon hearing this, the young man refrained from leaving [to seek knowledge].

[15] It has been narrated that a man from Bani Israeel collected eighty chests full of scriptures and books of knowledge but did not benefit from his knowledge. Allah the Exalted revealed to their prophet to say to this collector, “Even if you had collected a lot of knowledge it will not benefit you except if you do three things – do not love the Dunya for it is not a home for the believers, do not befriend Satan for he is not a companion for the believers; and do not hurt anyone for that is not the way of the believers.”

[16] It is reported that Abu Sulayman al-Darani said in his supplication, “O my Lord, if you ask me about my many sins, I will surely as You for Your forgiveness; and if you ask me about my miserliness, I will surely ask You for Your generosity; and if you make me enter Hell, I will inform the people of Hell that I love You.”

[17] It is said, “The happiest of all people is he who has a sincere heart, a patient body, and contentment with what he possesses.”

[18] Ibrahim al-Nakhai said, “Those who were destroyed before you were destroyed due to three traits – excess in speech, excess in food, and excess in sleep.”

[19] Yahya ibn Muadh al-Razi said, “Glad tidings to the one who leaves the Dunya before it leaves him, prepares for his grave before he enters it, and pleases his Lord before he meets Him.”

[20] Ali ibn Abi Talib رضي الله عنه said, “He who does not have the Sunnah of Allah, the Sunnah of His Messenger, and the Sunnah of His chosen ones, has nothing. It was asked, “What is the Sunnah of Allah?” He replied, “Safeguarding secrets.” It was asked, “What is the Sunnah of the Messenger?” He replied, “Being gentle with people.” It was asked, “What is the Sunnah of His chosen ones?” He replied, “Bearing people’s harm.”