Liberal Feminists Now Advocating “Pornography for Children”

The Liberalism-Feminism train has no brakes.

Notice that this is their blueprint for normalizing every single degeneracy.

Step 1: Make vague, unsubstantiated claim that “kids are already doing it!”
Step 2: Argue that “safe” alternative is better than “current reality” in Step 1.
Step 3: Push for “safe” alternative to be mandated in schools.
Step 4: Label any opposition as “religious nuts” who don’t care about children’s safety.

This is how they first normalized fornication, by teaching “safe sex” in schools back in the 60s and 70s, effectively creating an entire Western generation of fornicators. Now that generation and their millennial children are the ones who are pushing every known vice onto the next generation: homosexuality, transgenderism, “sexting,” etc.

PS – Notice that this is from a verified Twitter account. Twitter doesn’t ban people for advocating such things for children. Only opposition to fahisha will generate a ban.