Haraam Fear – Hazrat Maseehullah رحمه الله

The Correct Amount of Fear

If a person has so much fear that it makes him despondent then it is Haraam. So much fear (Khauf, Khashiyyat) is commendable that drives a person towards obedience. So much fear that makes a person become despondent is abhorrent. Some
become despondent and destroy themselves.  They recall past sins and become despondent. Today I received a letter.

This person wrote that when I think of my previous sins, I become very despondent. This is not good; it implies that he does not have reliance on Taubah and Istighfaar. One should not look at the past at all after making Istighfaar; focus on the future.
Fudhayl ibni Ayaaz was not only a robber; he was the leader of the gang of robbers. When he made Taubah, he became the Shaykh of Ebrahim ibni Ad’ham. Also, he was among the twenty jurists on whom Imam Saheb (Imam Abu Haneefah
Rahmatullaahi Alayh) had reliance upon.

Did you see the leader of the robbers? He made Taubah and reached such great levels!

Anfaase Zakkiyah

Hazrat Maseehullah رحمه الله