The First To Be Judged

There is a well-known Hadīth, regarding the first people to be
judged on the Day of Resurrection3. The gist of the Hadīth is that
the three to be judged are:

1.) A Martyr,
2.) A Scholar, who acquired the knowledge of Dien, taught it
and who recited the Qur’aan Sharief, and
3.) A wealthy man.

Each one will acknowledge Allah Ta’ala’s gifts upon him, and each
one will say that he undertook his deeds for the sake of Allah
Ta’ala alone. However, all three will be exposed as liars, since their
actions were soiled with worldly motives and were not with
Ikhlaas (sincerity).

The martyr fought to be called heroic and courageous; the Scholar
or reciter of the Qur’aan Sharief utilised the knowledge of Dien, to
gain honour, fame and name amongst the people, and the wealthy
person desired and sought to be known for his generosity.

Since acceptance in the Court of Allah Ta’ala is based on Ikhlaas
and rendering one’s good deeds seeking only Allah Ta’ala’s
Pleasure, these men will not receive any reward on the Day of
3 Sahih Muslim 5032

Judgment. Their ambitions and aspirations were already fulfilled in
the worldly life. However, they will have to endure the
punishment of the fire of Hell for contaminating their deeds, by
pursuing the interests and ambitions of the nafs. (May Allah Jalla
Jalaaluhu save us all.)

Reflecting over this Hadīth, some points came to mind and are
being shared so that we may become mindful, Insha-Allah.

The Hadīth mentions that even an ‘Aalim will be condemned to
Jahannum because he sought name and fame… because he
worked towards his name being remembered amongst the people.