Adopt Your Zeenat

Your Garments

“Adopt your Zeenat at the time of every masjid” (Surah A’raaf, aayat 31) In the context of this Qur’aanic verse, zeenat means garments of adornment (clothes) and musjid refers to Salaat. When the Muslim performs Salaat, he is in the presence of Allah Ta’ala more than what he is at other times. Hence according to the Hadith, one is closest to Allah Ta’ala when one is in the state of Sajdah (prostration).

There a great variety of degrees – in fact limitless degrees – of Divine Proximity (Nearness to Allah). The Mu’min is closest to his Rabb during Salaat. Allah Ta’ala therefore has commanded that the musalli (the one performing Salaat) should be properly attired when he communes with his Rabb (Creator). While a Muslim has to be properly attired at all times, the emphasis is greater when he stands for Salaat. The Qur’aan and the Sunnah instruct the adoption of adornment for Salaat. Garments of adornment are such clothes which are regarded as Islamic dress.

The garments should be loose-fitting so that the body’s shape is not lewdly exhibited. It is incumbent to be dressed Islamically at all times, not only for Salaat purposes. This incumbency has greater emphasis with regard to Salaat. It is Makrooh Tahrimi (forbidden and sinful) to be dressed un-Islamically, i.e. with western or any other kuffaar garb. The Salaat performed while dressed un-Islamically is discharged defectively. It becomes obligatory to repeat the Salaat with Islamic attire. It is haraam to be dressed with jeans, T-shirt, bermuda pants, tight-fitting trousers, western shirt, garb with logos, and all types of non-Muslim dress when performing Salaat.

There is no thawaab (reward) for Salaat performed with such haraam dress. Salaat performed in this disgraceful manner has to be compulsorily repeated. Although the Fardh obligation is discharged here on earth, the Salaat is rejected by Allah Ta’ala. Those who are not prepared to abandon their haraam dress styles should at least have mercy on themselves by saving their Salaat from ruin. At least when performing Salaat, ensure that you are dressed in a manner befitting the Divine Presence.

Garment of Owais Qarni