Why Don’t People Practise!

Hadrat Shaqeeq Balkhi رحمه الله states that there are six reasons why people don’t get the Taufeeq of making Amal. Every Muslim knows that performance of Salaah five times a day is Fardh, but how many people perform their five times Salaah. We all know that it is not correct to wear western clothing yet we still wear western clothing. What is the reason?

People are busy enjoying the bounties of Allah Ta’ala yet they do not make Shukr. Allah Ta’ala then snatches away the Taufeeq of Amal. The poorest of people are also enjoying the bounties of Allah. The eyes with which we see is such a great bounty of Allah Ta’ala. In a like manner we have our tongues, brains, hands, legs, etc. which are great bounties of Allah Ta’ala.

The people are concerned of acquiring knowledge but are not concerned of making Amal. We have so much of Islamic literature in our homes, cd’s, Mp3’s, etc. but our Amal is very little.

The people remain in the companionship of the Awliya but do not follow them. We attend their discourses for entertainment.

We commit sins but do not make Taubah. Leave sins, we have to make Taubah of our Salaah. Our Salaah is also a sin for which Taubah is required. Allah loves a person that makes Taubah.

The Dunya is going behind you but you are chasing Dunya. If there is a road block or a speed trap and a person fails to stop his vehicle and speeds off, the police won’t go in search of him in the opposite direction. Every moment of our lives the world is behind us, yet we are chasing the Dunya. We trying to earn more money, make our houses more comfortable, concerned of our gardens and bathrooms.

The Aakhirat is coming before us yet we turn our faces away from the Aakhirat. Every moment that is passing we are drawing closer to our Qabr, yet we behave as though it does not exist.

The ability of practising will come when a person observes these six things.