Q and A – Is it Permissible for Females to attend a Nikaah in the Masjid?

Question: Assalamau Alaikum

Is it permissible for females to attend a Nikaah in the Masjid? Some people claim that in order not to break family ties, one should go. Please comment.

Answer: Wa alaykumus Salaam

Respected sister in Islam

1.When it is totally Haraam for a woman to attend such an important Ibaadah as Salaah in a Masjid, how can it ever be permissible to attend a Nikaah ceremony in the Masjid?

2.Nabi Sallallahu alayhi wasallam himself did not perform the Nikaah of any of this daughters in the Masjid. He did not perform the Nikaah of his daughter in his Sacred Masjid wherein one salaah is the equivalent of fifty thousand Salah, despite his intense love for her and despite her being the queen of Jannah, Bibi Fatima Radiaalahu anha.

3.Hadhrat Ayesha the Mother of the Believers who was the noble wife of our Nabi Sallallahu alayhi wasallam fully supported the banning of women from the Masaajid for Salaah.

4.Hadhrat Umar Radiallahu anhu prohibited ladies from coming to the Masjid due to the spreading of immodesty. Nabi Sallallahu alayhi wasallam said that if there was a Nabi after me, it would have been Umar Radiallahu anhu.

Subhanallah! Do you seriously believe that after the Nikaah there is not going to be any intermingling etc.?

Fear Allah! Fear Allah! Do not hustle your Deen away for a plate of Biryani etc.

Finally, Nabi Sallallahu alayhi wasallam said that there is no obedience to any creation if such obedience results in disobeying Allah Ta’aala.

It is thus sinful to please even one’s own mother if it means displeasing Allah Taáala.


Question: An Imaam in Roshnee performed Salaah wearing a Jacket which had the British flag with a cross in the front and “ENGLAND” written in big at the back. Is the Salaah valid or not?

Answer: It is Haraam to wear symbols of other religions and logos of Shirk and writings etc. of the enemies of Islam. Hence, to a greater extent, it will be Haraam to wear such clothing in Salaah. Such Salaah is not accepted by Allah Ta’ala, hence, it should be repeated.


Additional Rulings on Wearing T-Shirts, Sports Jackets, Jeans and Other Kuffaar Dressing for Salaat

T-Shirts and tight-fitting pants are immodest dress for a Muslim. It is haraam to wear such immodest garments. The sin is graver when performing Salaat with such immodest dress. It is not permissible for such immodestly dressed men to occupy the front rows in the Musjid on account of the shape of their hind showing when they are in ruku’ and Sajdah. People who dress so immodestly should occupy the very last row if they have the audacity to come to the Musjid. http://www.themajlis.info/11223/immodest-dress

It is not permissible to be dressed with a T-shirt and jeans for Salaat, nor is it permissible to be dressed with any garment on which is inscribed logos and slogans. Such tight pants which show the body outline, especially the Satr portion when in Sajdah are haraam. With these types of lewd dress, the Salaat is not valid. That means that the Salaat has to be repeated with proper dress.

A person who is so incorrigibly westernized as to feel embarrassed with Islamic dress in public, should at least repeat his Salaat at home after donning proper Islamic garments. In the first instance it is not permissible to be dressed like a kaafir with T-shirt and jeans. Nevertheless, if someone’s Imaan is so terribly deficient that he feels ashamed in public to be dressed Islamically, then at least to ensure that his Salaat obligation is discharged, he should repeat his Salaat at home donning correct dress. http://www.themajlis.info/21079/some-rules-of-salaat-2


In fact, Salaat performed with lewd garments such as T-shirts and jeans is not accepted even if such clothing has no crosses.  http://www.themajlis.info/1728/in-fact-salaat-performed-with-lewd-garments-such-as-t-shirts-and-jeans-is-not-accepted-even-if-such-clothing-has-no-crosses-q-is-it-not-permissible-to-eat-anything-until-after-the-eid-salaat-and-i


The trustees of our Musjid allow student aalims who wear jeans and T-shirts to lead the Fardh Salaat. These students don a kurtah over the T-shirt and jeans. Is this permissible?

No, it is never permissible. Such students are fussaaq. It is not permis­sible to appoint a faasiq to lead the Salaat, whether it be the Fardh Salaat or Sunnat Salaat such as Taraaweeh. The trustees are guilty of a grave sin in this haraam appointment. http://www.themajlis.info/12630/the-trustees-of-our-musjid-allow-student-aalims-who-wear-jeans-and-t-shirts-to-lead-the-fardh-salaat-these-students-don-a-kurtah-over-the-t-shirt-and-jeans-is-this-per-missible

Some people have become so audacious that they are wearing to Musjid T-shirts portraying pictures of people or animals. What is the position of their Salaat in such attire? Are they allowed to enter the Musjid dressed in the un¬Islamic fashion?

It is haraam to dress in this style of hooligans. Pictures of animals and people are haraam. The Salaat although valid is not accepted. It is a major sin to perform Salaat with such immoral attire. It is the duty of the Imaam and Mutawallis of the Musjid to counsel such persons, and if they refuse to dress Islamically when coming to the Musjid, they should be debarred. http://www.themajlis.info/?s=T-shirt

What is the status of the Salaat of a person who wears jeans / tight pants and a T-shirt in Salaat?

His Salaat is not valid. He has to repeat donning proper Islamic dress. https://themajlis.cc/2020/12/14/what-is-the-status-of-the-salaat-of-a-person-who-wears-jeans-tight-pants-and-a-t-shirt-in-salaat/


Tashabbuh bil kuffaar, I’aanat alal ma’siyat and   kufr symbols are factors which prohibit trading with   such T-shirts and flags. The kuffaar sport   connotation by itself is adequate for prohibition.   But, in reality, this principle has no relevance with   T-shirts and flags. http://www.themajlis.co.za/books/FLAGS,%20T-SHIRTS%20AND%20PICTURES_booklet.pdf


Issued by: Jamiatul Ulama Gauteng