Punishments Of A Sinner

Punishments Of A Sinner
Ibn al-Qayyim رحمه الله: The punishments of a sinner are as follows;
• Being deprived of Islamic knowledge (‘Ilm)
• Feeling of alienation in the heart
• Physical weakness
• Being unable to do acts of worship
• Being deprived of blessings
• Turning away from Allāh
• Anxiety
• Getting comfortable with sins
• The sinner becomes insignificant in the sight of Allāh
• The sinner becomes insignificant in the sight of people
• The curse of the animals will be upon him
• The sinner will bear marks of humiliation
• His heart will be sealed and he will come under the curse (of Allāh)
• The sinner’s Du’ā is not answered
• Loss of Gheerah (protective jealousy)
• Loss of modesty (Ḥayā)
• The blessings of Allāh disappear
• Punishment will befall him
• Fear in the heart of the sinner
• Falling into the traps of Shayṭān
• A bad end in worldly life (Dunyā)
• Torment in grave
• Punishment in the Hereafter
● [الداء والدواء للإ