How Our Elders Followed The Sunnah

Look at the ways of our elders in this regard. They used to adhere strictly to carrying out the Sunnah and mustahab acts. They were concerned about following the Sunnah in the “smallest” of acts. They used to inquire about the Sunnah way in

everything so that they could embellish their lives accordingly.

An associate of Hadrat Maulānā Rashīd Ahmad Gangohī rahimahullāh asked Hadrat Maulānā Khalīl Ahmad Sahāranpūrī rahimahullāh the following question:

“Hadrat! What is the Sunnah method of doing such and such action?”

The person who asked the question had spent some time in the company of Hadrat Gangohī rahimahullāh. So Hadrat Khalīl Ahmad Sahāranpūrī rahimahullāh said to him: “You spent time with Hadrat Gangohī rahimahullāh. What did you see him doing in this regard?”

The man replied: “This is what he used to do.”

Hadrat Sahāranpūrī rahimahullāh said: “This is the Sunnah way.” In other words, the manner in which you saw Hadrat Gangohī rahimahullāh doing that action is exactly according to the Sunnah.

Allāhu Akbar! Look at the conviction he had as regards every action of Hadrat Gangohī rahimahullāh being according to the Sunnah.

He did not have the slightest hesitation in this regard.

He immediately said to the person with full conviction that this is the Sunnah way. Such was the lives of our pious elders. Their actions were so much embellished by the Sunnah that by merely looking at their actions, one could say that this is the Sunnah way.


Source:  Who Is An Aalim E Rabbani