The Wisdom In The Existence Of Anger

No action or creation of Allah is futile. There is great wisdom in the creation of anger and its existence in man’s nature. The action of a wise one is never devoid of wisdom. However, we will not immediately understand all the underlying reasons. we do know of a few which our Akaabir mentioned.

The following reasons for having anger in our nature were mentioned by way of example:

a) In order to ward off the enemy, to repel their attacks, and to eventually defeat them one needs anger. Thus, anger is required to protect one self from the enemy as well as overpowering them.
This is one reason why Allah deposited this quality in our system. It is a rule that anger person is not an evil habit. It’s incorrect use has put us onto the wrong path.

b) The nafs (carnal self) of man is based on transgression and rebellion. A trait of this nafs is to instigate man to disobey Allah. To suppress this nafs one needs anger. When you oppose this nafs with anger and aggression, it will retreat and desist from its evil.

c) Our age-old enemy is Shaytaan. To combat him too, we require anger.

d) In like manner, all enemies of Islam i.e., the kuffar, are our enemies, and in opposing them we also need anger.

So anger is not something useless or futile. If it is used correctly and expended with justice and at the appropriate occasion, it becomes a wonderful aid. Should this anger be totally removed from man’s nature
then he loses aggression and zeal. When aggression, fervour, zest, etc. depart from man’s nature, he becomes lethargic and lackadaisical in his work. Someone once said to Hazrat Moulana Thanwi (rahmatullahi alaihi): “Masha-Allah, Hazrat, You have accomplished a great deal of Deeni work. ” Hazrat replied: “Yes, indeed, I have. My nature is built on zeal and fervency. I am dynamic by nature. So I finish my work swiftly.”
You would have observed people who are passive by nature.
They tend to be lazy and slow in getting their work done. There is lack of drive in them. Others again are naturally hard and tenacious. Their nature is built out of aggression and drive. They accomplish much more in very rapid time. There is no laziness or indolence in their affairs. So anger is not a defect in its but is a quality of benefit.

To Vent Anger Unjustly Is A Sin

To vent anger in a manner contrary to Shariah upon becoming angry is the point where one becomes a sinner. One has to maintain the proper usage of anger. It must only be acted upon when there is a need for it, otherwise keep it in check all the time” Do not let anger be expended in vain. It is something very useful. If there was no anger, how will the fervour of jihaad develop in man? Where will a man who lacks anger get that aggression from, and how will he encounter the kuffaar on the battle front? However, to express anger unjustly, committing excesses and oppression on people is a major sin.

In the words of my Hazrat: “To become angry is nothing wrong. This always happens.
When you have accepted the existence of a quality (anger in this case) then it obviously must come to therefore. But don’t vent that anger.”

Hazrat Maseehul-Ummat رحمه الله  states: Do not vent that anger!


Source: Hazrat Hajee Muhammad Shafeequl Farooq رحمه الله