“If You Find Anger Anywhere, Please Bring It To Me.” Hazrat Maseehul Ummat رحمه الله

My Hazrat always told people: ‘Never become angered.” If someone asked for naseehal (advice), he would say: ‘Never allow anger to overtake you. Never ever become angry.” He also said: “Today anger is the root cause of fasaad (comrption and chaos) in this world. This anger has destroyed homes, it has eliminated mutual love, and has left in its wake ill-feeling and bitterness.”
Hazrat also used to say that if anger was a body, I would have slaughtered it. After the final year examinations during Sha’baan, most of the students would go home for the holidays. When meeting Hazrat prior to their departure, they would address him in the loving fathers title of Abbajee (dear father), and ask: ‘Abbajee, if there is anything you need when we come back, please do tell us.’

Hazrat would reply: ..Yes, indeed, my boy. There is something very important that I want. When you come back after the holidays, do me a favour.” ‘What is that, dear Abbajee?’ “If you find anger anywhere, please bring it to me.” Surprised, the student would ask: ‘Abbajee, what will you do with anger?’

“Oh my boy, I shall slaughter it! Yes, cut off its neck, for it has caused much misery in our homes, it has severed our relations of love, and has shattered our peace. I shall not spore it! ”

– Hazrat Shafeequl Farooq رحمه الله