Covering of the Quraan Sharief

One of the rights of the Quraan is that we should ensure that the Quraan Sharif is covered. There are many Masajid where the Quraans are not covered, therefore I suggest that one Jamaat should go from Masjid to Masjid and cover the Quraans with the permission of the Mutawallis. Also, there should be a Jamaat that go to the various Masajid and arrange the Quraans, with the permission of the Mutawallis.

Hadrat Maulana Abrar-ul-Haq Saheb رحمه الله mentions, “We do not wear the same clothing throughout our lives, but we remove our clothing and have them washed. In a like manner the covering of the Quraan Sharif should also be removed and washed.” We wear warmer clothing during the months of winter, but we do not live under the trees because we are quite warmly dressed. We live in our houses, whether it is a luxurious home or a tin shanty, etc. Similarly, after covering the Quraan Sharif, it should be kept in a Juzdaan.

Hadrat رحمه الله further mentions that the material covering the Quraan Sharif or serving as a Juzdaan is full of Barakah, therefore when washing the cover the water shouldn’t be directed to the dirty water drains which contain other impurities. Hadrat رحمه الله would suggest that it should be sprinkled on the walls of the house, by which one will acquire Barakah or alternately it may be thrown into the garden.

May Allah Ta’ala grant us ability to afford full respect to the Quraan Sharif! Ameen.