It Seems As If Sugar Has Been Poured Into My Mouth..

Hazrat Thanwi رحمه الله once went to visit Hazrat Saai Tawakkul Shah Saheb رحمه الله

Saai Saheb رحمه اللهsaid to him: “Molvi Saheb! When I take the Name of Allah Ta’ala my mouth becomes sweet. ” Then he added,
“And don’t think this is just imaginary. It really becomes sweet. In fact, so sweet, it seems as if sugar has been poured into my mouth!”
(In other words, he actually physically tastes the sweetness of zikr.)

Maulana Faqir Muhammad Saheb رحمه الله  used to say:
“Sometimes (when I make zikr) I feel as if the syrup of jalebi has been poured into my mouth. ”

This is the barkat of zikr which Allah Ta’ala sometimes shows to some buzrugs in a physical sense, but not to others. Those who are not allowed to experience the physical effect of zikr are taken to towards their destination without feeling or witnessing anything. The main objective is to reach one’s destination. Some have attained high ranks but are not aware of the stages of this path. Instead they are kept uninformed of these stages.
For example, a person travelling economy class by train will pass by farms and forests, he will experience dust and dirt, and the clothes too will get dirty, but eventually the train will reach Karachi Kent (name of Karachi’s station). On the other hand, the one sitting
in the air-conditioned coach of the same train will not see any scenery outside, no dust will enter the cabin, nor will the clothes get dirty.
But at the end he too will disembark at Karachi Kent. Thus, some are shown scenery as they traverse their spiritual journey, while others travel along blissfully unaware of the scenes flashing by. In the end though, both shall reach the same destination.

Advices of Hazrat Moulana Maseehullah رحمه الله

The promise of: “Remember Me, I will remember you,” has set the Saalik ablaze.

Allah Ta’ala demands Zikr all the time; in the heart, with the tongue and with the body.

Your tongue should be fresh with the Zikr of Allah all the time; whilst walking, whilst moving, whilst reclining, whilst sitting, with wudhu, without wudhu, alone, in company, on journey, at home, in the vehicle, on foot.

Speaking what is necessary and answering what is necessary form part of Zikr because these are in fulfilment of the rights of others.