Female American Doctor Who Accepted Islam Due To A Young Muslimah’s Piety

The following is the first hand account of a female American doctor who accepted Islam due to a young Muslimah’s piety:

I am a gynaecologist and have been working in a hospital in America for the past eight years. Last year, a young, Muslim, Arab girl arrived in the hospital in the throes of labour. The labour pain was naturally severe and excruciating, yet I did not witness even a single tear fall from the eyes of this young girl.

Nevertheless, my shift was nearing its end, and so I informed the young girl that I would be going home and that another doctor (who was a male) would be arriving shortly to deliver her child. Whereas this young girl had not shed a single tear or emitted a single moan or complaint until now, on hearing that I was leaving, she suddenly began to cry and moan earnestly while insisting, “No! No! Not a man!”

I was taken aback and quite surprised, not knowing what to make of her behaviour, when her husband informed me that she would not allow a strange (non-mahram) man to come near her or see her, for never once, since she was a child, had she allowed a strange man to see her face.

When I heard this, I laughed and exclaimed in astonishment, “I don’t think there’s any man in America who hasn’t seen my face!” Anyway, I acceded to her request and agreed to stay on, for her sake, and deliver her child. They were overjoyed when I said this and began to thank me profusely. I thereafter remained with them until she delivered two hours later.

The following day, I arrived to check on the young mother. I also wished to warn her of the dangers of allowing her husband to be intimate with her in the period immediately after delivering, as I had found many young mothers negligent of this danger due to which they would later on contract infections and other complications. However, as soon as I broached the topic, she began to explain the concept of ‘nifaas’ in Islam, informing me that Islam does not allow the husband to be intimate with his wife during this period. Hearing her explain the concept of nifaas in Islam, I was extremely surprised.

Soon thereafter, while I was still engaged in conversation with this young mother, the paediatrician (who was also a female) entered the ward in order to check on the newborn baby. While on her rounds, she mentioned to the mother, “It is best for the child to sleep on his right side as this assists with the heart beat.” The father replied to the paediatrician, “We do place the child on his right side before sleeping. However, we do this in order to comply with the instruction of our Prophet (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam).” Once again, I was surprised to hear that Islam had already given them this guidance.

I then began to ponder and thought to myself, “We have dedicated our lives to studying and acquiring this knowledge, whereas these Muslims have already acquired this guidance through their religion!” I then resolved to undertake a study of Islam, and for this purpose, I took leave from the hospital for one month and travelled to a nearby city in which there was a well-established Islamic center. On arriving there, I spent the bulk of my time interacting with Muslims and enquiring about Islam.

When my month of leave terminated, I departed, but remained in contact with some of the members of the Islamic center. By the grace of Allah Ta‘ala, after just a few months had elapsed, I was blessed to accept Islam.
(Ilaiki Ya Zaatin Niqaab… pg. 82)