Value For This World

Hazrat Hasan Basri Rahmatullahi Alayhi said; “May Allah have mercy upon those who were given this world as a trust and they, in turn, entrusted it to others and passed away, freed from the worries of the world!” The blessed saint also advised; “If anyone prevents you from the observance of Deen, defy him; but if someone hinders you from gaining a worldly advantage, leave it for him and have no care.”

Hazrat Abu Haazim Rahmatullahi Alayhi said; “Protect yourself from worldly attractions! On the Day of Resurrection, a man will be summoned and the announcement shall be made: ‘He is a man who set great value upon things which had been condemned by Allah Ta’ala.'” How true the statement of Hazrat Abdullah bin Mas’ood Rahmatullahi Alayhi where he admonished; “Everybody is, so to say, a guest in his own house; and all his possessions are like borrowed things. The guest shall go back home (to the Aakhirah) and the borrowed things shall have to be returned.”

Once Hazrat Rābi’ah Basriyyah Rahmatullahi Alayha was sitting in company with some people who were talking of the world reproachfully. She advised; “Do not talk of the world. Do not talk of it even disparagingly. For, your talking of it (the world) shows that you consider it to be worth talking about, and something of consequence. If it were of no consequence in your sight, you would never have liked to make a mention of it. (For who would talk about filth that men excrete?)”

Hazrat Fudhail Rahmatullahi Alayhi once said; “If I were presented all the riches of the world, with the assurance that no reckoning will be made for it, I would not accept it; for me, it is disgusting like carrion, which you avoid for fear of polluting your clothes.”

Hazrat Hasan Basri Rahmatullahi Alayhi further advised; “Banī Isrā’eel, though they worshipped Allah Ta’ala, became degenerate and began to worship idols because of their love for the world.” He also admonished; “Man always considers his wealth to be little, but he never regards his virtues to be few. He does not care if any calamity befalls his religion but feels upset if any harm comes to his worldly life.”

SOURCE: Fazā’il-e-Sadaqaat