It is time for the sword of Haq to be unsheathed and for the neck of Baatil to be severed!

I, Mufti Hashim Mohamed Boda, hereby openly, publicly and directly, challenge Sanha and particularly you,  M. S. Navlakhi and M. Y. Seedat, to attend a meeting at a neutral venue so that you may have a chance to prove your numerous false charges.

  • All of us will bring our evidence. No anonymous source will be accepted. No special arrangements will be made for men or muftis in purdah. Everyone will have to display their faces. Though we do know the identity of the haasid who is circulating the false information regarding our Madrasah and we have recordings to this effect forwarded to us by sincere persons, we insist upon him taking off his purdah and manfully identifying himself with his presence.
  • In order to ensure that no lies and falsehood be resorted to, all parties will give evidence under the oath in Allah’s Name and holding the Qur’aan Majeed, including the three dozen slaughterers and supervisors etc. who have signed affidavits attesting that Sanha’s chickens are Haraam carrion.
  • Your Radio “islam” poodle Sulaiman Ravat, who has shamelessly kept his Ustaad waiting for almost two years for a response after observing the oath-taking upon the Holy Qur’aan with his own eyes, and your supervisor at Early Bird, Rahmat Khan, who assured us that he does not purchase Sanha certified chickens, must also attend in order to testify.
  • The meeting will be attended by various Ulama such as Hadhrat Mufti Elias and Hadhrat Moulana Musa Olgar Saheb (Daamat Barakahum). They and an ever increasing number of prominent Ulama who have met us are eagerly looking forward to the proposed meeting.. They are keen to attend the meeting in order that issues be settled once and for all. They have already been provided with evidence of the conniving and sinister manner in which you operate and which is apparent from the half truths and selective information etc. which you publish and with which you misled them and the public.

Mufti Shuayb Rawat, Maulana Haroon Ebrahim, Mufti Sadaqat Khan and Hafiz Anwar Sujee who had inspected Early Bird carrion chicken plant will also be present to testify. It is indeed high noon for you!

There is no need to fear “violence”. The police will be asked to be present to monitor the situation.

The intelligent public demand this meeting. They are fed up and tired of this whole saga. Everyone will agree that each of the above conditions are fair to both sides.

At the meeting you can also inform the participants of the rude behaviour you displayed when you telephoned me:

1)              You can inform them what your response was when I made a reasonable request to you to put your concerns in writing.

2)                 You can inform them what your response was when I asked you to conduct yourself decently instead of raving and ranting emotionally and uncontrollably.

3)                 You can inform them how you outrightly and unashamedly lied to me by claiming that you were unaware that it was Moulana A.S. Desai who was invited to attend the oath-taking ceremony.

4)                 You can inform them of your bizarre claim that you were told by me that it was The Majlis who would be attending the ceremony and not Moulana A.S. Desai.

This surely must be the joke of the century. Was the Majlis not supposed to be a one-man show of Moulana A.S. Desai?

5)       You Navlakhi, can under oath, inform and explain to the Muslim public why you had pronounced in Mufti Elias Afzal’s home that the following Ulama are KAAFIRS:

Mufti E. M. H. Salejee of Estcourt

Maulana Moosa Olgar of Durban

Maulana A. S. Desai of Mujlisul Ulama of South Africa

So you see, Mr Navlakhi and Mr Seedat, who arrogantly claimed in an e-mail to us that NO MISTAKES OCCUR AT SANHA, you got some serious answering to do. Your latest lies are mere additions to the many unapologised lies such as that we never visited the Olifansfontein Plant. Where was the verification process which you preach when you at first labelled us as liars on Radio “islam”? Where was the verification process when you accused us of being  against the Tableegh Jamaat and Hadhrat Sheikh Zakariya etc. Come on, be man enough and without looking for excuses to evade my challenge!

The public demands that you do so.

I challenge you in the Name of Allah Ta`ala, Who is Haqq.

I challenge you in the name of my friend and sympathizer, Rasullallah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam, who instructed me: “Speak the Haqq though it be bitter.”

I challenge you in the name of every Muslim who is sick and tired of e-mails, pamphleteering, rumours and slanders and who demand that this overdue meeting take place!

I challenge you in the name of 27 slaughterers from four different chicken slaughtering Plants and every brave slaughterer who lost his job because he attested to the Haqq!

I challenge you in the name of every innocent Haqq-loving Muslim businessman whose heart bleeds at being blackmailed into paying for Sanha’s certification.

I challenge you in the name of every martyr in the history of Islam whose blood was spilled for Haqq!

I challenge you in the name of every scholar who you belittled on air and who was persecuted for speaking the Haqq!

You are notorious for shielding yourself, indulging and skulking in self-pity, shedding crocodile tears and portraying yourselves as innocent victims to the Ulama and public.

With your lies and uncivilized behaviour you have made slaughterers sob and cry. You have entered into the homes of Ulama, abused them with vulgar language in front of their families until they fell into Sajdah weeping and calling upon their Rabb for Help.

A real man, an honourable man, a sincere man, a truthful man, a man of conviction, a man of Haqq will immediately accept my challenge. A pathetic coward, a legendary liar, a serial manipulator of facts, a sinister and twisted mentality, a manipulative character, will cling to any and every excuse to reject my challenge.  Bearing in mind that it took you nine long months to bring to the public’s notice that you were never invited by us, I am giving you until 6pm this evening (17th March 2010) to respond. The public is not prepared to wait for nine months.

The Qur’aan Majeed and our pious predecessors taught us to always verify rumours. Please do clearly confirm or deny these grave rumours. Not accepting my reasonable challenge would simply confirm the rumour as true.

30th Rabiul Awwal 1431 / 17th March 2010

Mufti Hashim Mohamed Boda, Principal of the De Deur Madrasah