There is something drastically wrong with  the so-called “Halaal” money-making  industry. Fancy brochures, flowery language and lots of recitals of “Bismillahs” can no more camouflage the stench of Haraam. Until now, the mantra of all the self-appointed Halaal authorities pretending to speak on behalf of the Ummah is basically the same:

“Strict conformity to the Shariah”, “Under Strict supervision”, “Free unfettered access”, “Trust us”.

It must now be abundantly clear to the intelligent public, that tens of thousands of Halaal emblems and stickers are left unsupervised in the possession of non-Muslim companies. Had their been any truth in the often cited “strict supervision”, would the halaal emblem have appeared on “Pork Chops” (courtesy of NIHT), “Pork Spices” (courtesy of SANHA) or “Woolworth  Sausage Pork Casings” (courtesy of MJC)?

What guarantee do you, the innocent Muslim consumer now have that these emblems and Halaal stickers will never ever again appear on Haraam beef, mutton, chicken and it’s by-products. If “Halaal” stickers can appear on  Haraam Pork/Vark then why not on other us-Islamically slaughtered meat and its products?

These glaring so-called ’mistakes’ prove without a shred of doubt that the sacred Halaal emblem can never be entrusted to non-Muslim companies. It also proves that there can never be sufficient supervision by these so-called “halaal-certifying” bodies to ensure Muslims are fed halaal and tayyib food at all times.

We make an earnest dua that Allah Rabbul Izzat guide us all to fear Him, which will overpower the inane lust for money, pomp and glory. (Ameen)