An Aalim’s view

Question: A certain Aalim says that the MMB should be viewed in the context of Muslims living in a non-Muslim country. He says Fiqh is a process of evolution. Please comment.


Answer: Evolution takes place in Was-aail (means and methods), not Masaa-il (rulings). Salaah is Salaah irrespective of how much evolution takes place. The same applies to fasting, Zakaat, Haj,  Qurbani, Nikaah, Talaaq, Aqeeqah and Hudood. The Mas-aail will always remain the same. Yes, instead of using pens dipped in ink, we use computers. Instead of using camels, we use vehicles and aircrafts. Instead of using lamps, we use electricity. Evolution of society and technology is not a licence to revolutionise the Deen which was perfected fourteen centuries ago.