Meaning of Muaz

Q. I would like to find out the meaning and proper pronunciation of the name Muaz, or is it Muadth. Will it be correct and will the meaning still  be the same if it is Muaz?

A. The name which you enquire about is writen in Arabic as follows مُعَاذ. Now, the English spelling or transliteration could be Mu’aaz or Mu’aath or Mo’az or Mo’aaz or Mo’aath.

Nowadays an m and u are used to convey مُ . The ذ is coveyed with a ‘z’. However ‘th’ as in the word ‘they’ is closer to the Arabic ذ .

Be that as it may, there is no confusion with regard to the meaning Mu’aath or Mu’aaz. The name means: protected; one given shelter or asylum.

Including a ‘d’ in the English spelling is not correct.