Stray Thoughts

Q. There is a rug in my kitchen next to the washing machine. I accidentally stepped on dog faeces some time ago and only realised after having walked on the said rug. Napaaki transferred to the rug. Today, I was removing wet towels from the washing machine to put in the dryer. I was conscious that the wet towels should not fall on the rug as I carried them. When I got to the dryer, fear came in to me as I thought: I think one or two of the towels fell on the carpet as there were quite a few to hold. I nevertheless put the towels in the dryer, thinking my wife is coming back soon and she will want to know why I am washing the towels, and therefore it is better to just get them dried before she returns. The logical side of me does not recall any towel dropping on the carpet. If any did, it would have been picked up straight away.  In such a scenario, where there are conflicting messages and pressures in my mind, are the towels to be regarded as paak to use after ghusl/wudhu?

A. It appears that Shaitaan is interfering with your mental equilibrium. Go by logic and facts, and discard the baseless thoughts you are plagued with. Why did you leave the soiled rug unwashed?

Recite the du’aa in Aayats 97 and 98 of Surah Mu-minoon (Para 18) abundantly for protection against such stray thoughts.