A cure for piles?

Q. It is said that reciting Surahs Qadr, Kaafiroon and Ikhlaas in Witr Salaah is a proven cure for piles. If this practice is regularly carried out, is there any harm in it?

A. The gist of your question is whether specific objects of Ibaadat can be utilized for worldly motives. The mas-alah in this regard is that the act of Ibaadat is either carried out with the express intention of some worldly motive or the motive is the Deeni benefit, however some worldly blessing is furthermore envisaged in the act. Example of the first case is the practice of Aamils (faith-healers). Their motive and objective of reciting certain du’aas and formulae are plainly worldly benefit. Example of the second kind is the recitation of Surah Waaqi’ah after Maghrib Salaah whose peculiarity is to ward off poverty. The practice mentioned in the question if carried out in the first manner, i.e. with the specific purpose of healing the ailment, is in conflict with the object of Salaah. If, however, the intention is as in the second case then there is no harm in it.