Where does a Safar Commence from?

Where does a Safar Commence From?

Q. From which point should a Musaafir start calculating the distance of qasr; from his home, the area which he lives in or from the end of habitation and dwellings? Also where should he stop counting?

A. The principle in the Hanafi Math-hab germane to the point whence a person becomes a musaafir and starts the calculation of the distance of safar is khurooj min umraanil misr or leaving the buildings/built up area of the city. In a village or town determining the end of the built up area is a simple matter.

In a city the highway/freeway serves the purpose of khurooj min umraanil misr. Thus, once a person enters the freeway he can consider himself a musaafir and start his calculation of masaafat-e-qasr.

He ceases to be a musaafir on his return when he exits the highway/freeway and enters the built up area. Wallahu Ta’ala A’lam.