Talaaq in Wife’s Illness and in Anger

Q. My “husband” gave me three talaaqs. The first talaaq he gave while I was ill at home just after having undergone a major operation. I would like to know if this talaaq is valid? The second he gave two weeks after we got back together as we were intimate. He was angry and someone told him to give talaaq. Then he gave the third and made his brother sign. All three were given in writing. Are all three valid? More importantly, is the first valid, or is it not counted? We still want to get back as he regrets his actions and feels that the first talaaq given is not counted.

A. Your nikaah has irrevocably broken. Your husband has issued you with three talaaqs of the mughallazah category, which means that the two of you cannot marry after your iddat. The two of you are no longer husband and wife. All physical contact should incumbently be terminated, otherwise the two of you will be living under the dark shadow of Allah Ta’ala’s anger. May Allah Ta’ala protect us from His chastisement.

The only way the two of you can ever get together as husband and wife is that you marry someone else and after consummation of the marriage your second husband gives you talaaq. After completing your iddat, then only can you return to your first husband.

Talaaq is valid even if the wife is ill, away from the marital home and even in anger.