The writing is on the wall

The Quraan Majeed says:

“And if you turn away, He (Allah) will bring another nation, and
you will not harm him the least bit.”

Are we blind to the occurrences around us? Can we not see what is
happening? Don’t we hear about protests everyday of our lives? Not a
day goes by in our country that there was no protest. We might not
hear about it, but its happening. Maybe it’s on a small scale so the
media does not report it.

Nations do not get overturned in one night. Allah sends us warnings
first. If we do not heed to the warnings, then Allah’s whip strikes
with a mighty blow. All these happenings should drive a message home
that we are in trouble.

What trouble?

Allah Ta’ala tells us in the Quraan-e-Majeed that the destruction
caused in the Heavens and the earth is because of our doings. We are
sleeping on the warnings sounded to us. Allah is telling us to reform
and make taubah and turn to him.


We might feel innocent because our hearts have become blinded by sin.
We feel that we do nothing wrong. Ulema justify their wrongs and
propagate it too. Can you believe that Television is made Halaal by
the Ulema, in the name of Islam. The appearance of women; the
daughters and mothers of Islam are modeled in front of all. Ambiya are
made into cartoons.

Then we ask, why is this happening to us when we see all the
robberies in our communities?

salvation lies.