The origin of Mowlid in West africa

Question: Maulid, which is celebrated in most of west african countries, i am told, was began by an Egyptian cleric fairly recently. Who was he?


We do not know who the Egyptian cleric was who introduced the bid’ah of Maulid to West Africa. In so far as the pioneer of this bid’ah is concerned it was an irreligious king from Irbil, Iraq in the belated seventh century of Islam who initiated this custom. He squandered vast sums of public money in the upkeep of this bid’ah. In Lisaanul Meezaan of the renowned Muhaddith, Hafiz Ibn Hajar it is stated that this king who goes by the name of Muzaffarud Deen Kaukari, would insult the Fuqaha and pious learned men of former times.